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bux commented Mar 18, 2016

This is the exclusive thread for feature requests.

For further instructions check the wiki:

Before reporting

  • Any and all requests should be done here, where they will get discussed and evaluated.
  • Before posting a new one, please make sure to check the previous entries on the thread AND THE ENTRIES on #414 and make a quick search; please don't reiterate requests that had already been either accepted for inclusion or disregarded.
  • There's really no point on making feature requests for anything included or planned for inclusion in ACE2, AGM or CSE. The majority of those things are been considered for porting or rewriting already.
  • Accepted feature requests may be moved to a separate issue by moderators for further discussion.
  • No need for discussions!!!.

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ghost commented Mar 18, 2016

Repacking magazine, required animation(offer some solution)

Now (v3.5.0) in ACE3 there is no any animation at repacking. The player hears only the sound of repacking, while the arms remain stationary. It looks stupid. I suggest using the reload animation with a pause. Therefore, when the player removed the magazine, the animation must be paused. further, when the repackaging is complete, reload animation should be continued. So we'll get far-the best result. I hope the ACE team will be able to do it.

If the animation cannot be paused, probably it can be split into 2 parts?
Probably could cut the animation until when the player removes the magazine and continue via second part (when the player inserts the magazine)


Neither is possible, unfortunately.

ghost commented Mar 18, 2016

Again not possible? Probably I poorly explained my idea.
I mean, One animation should be divided into 2 parts. The first part should be cut out and saved separately. The same thing with second part. Thus we will have 2 separate animations.

1-animation - when the player removes the magazine.
2-animation - when the player the player inserts the magazine.

The basic idea:
When the status of repacking will started, should be run first animation.
When the status of repacking will is completed, should be run the second animation.

really it is impossible to assign 2 animations to progress of repacking?

Th3Cr0w commented Mar 18, 2016

[] spawn {player playMoveNow "AwopPercMstpSgthWrflDnon_Start2";sleep 1;player setAnimSpeedCoef 0}; Allows me tro freeze mid animation

Glowbal commented Mar 18, 2016

No need for discussions!!!.


ghost commented Mar 18, 2016

Possible or not?


No. We can't split existing animations and we can't stop them, because they're not normal animations. @Th3Cr0w's example will not work with a reload animation.

ghost commented Mar 18, 2016

Sad to me

commy2 commented Mar 18, 2016

The reload animation is also linked to the weapon. There is absolutely no way to figure out when this cut should be made, even if it were possible, as there are many different weapons + custom modded weapons will all kinds of reload animations.


Some of my team mates and myself would love to see a more realistic unconsciousness. There is plenty of animations for injured peoples (actually all anims that are named "Acts_InjuredLookingRifleXX" where XX is a number such as 01, 02, etc). These anims are available in the anim viewer in the category "cutscenes", approximately at the 2/3rd of the list length. Is it possible to enhance the way injured people look like with theses anims ?

commy2 commented Mar 19, 2016

No, they don't have any transitons and are only usable for some campaign statists / cutscenes.


Ow okay, so bad :/ Thank you !


Is it possible to add fastroping compatibility to MELB helicopters?


Is it possible to add fastroping compatibility to MELB helicopters?

They are doing that themselves I think. We can't.


Concerning Advanced Ballistics module and the AtragMX :
the "PARAMETER ASSIST SCREENS" (chapter 9, page 21,22 from the "manual Horus ATrag-v385.pdf") should be a interesting feature for all AB users, particularly the "C1 Ballistic Coefficient vs. Distance Interpolation" part, because a ballistic coefficient isn't a static, absolute and invariable value.
A bullet has a life during his flight (poet inside).

I don't know if Ruthberg / @ulteq had planned this feature, it's certainly a very hard work to do.


Guys is it possible to make colored stip attachmets for hands, for example you have a big unit wich wears diferent uniforms, and you need to give them something so they can recognize each others, like they do in Ukraine right now, if you take a look at those videos you can see that ukrainians wear yellow strips and russians are wearing white and those orange-black, also in Yugoslav wars you had serbs wearing red, blue, white, tracks or all those combined and similar.

Few pictures to show you what i am thinkig about:

commy2 commented Mar 20, 2016

links are 404. seems to me like something that can only be done by modifying the assets (uniforms) themselves. So way out of scope for ACE


I think they can make them like attachment, like IR strobe and similar :)

ACyprus commented Mar 20, 2016

@zastavnik Unit Insignia might fit your needs, are relatively simple to create yourselves, and would make any vehicles identifiable too.

WadeDP commented Mar 21, 2016

For TFAR and ACRE:
Make it so unconscious people can't hear others. Or make it a setting for the server to decide.

Glowbal commented Mar 21, 2016

@WadeDP already present.

Use the ACE Settings framework to put that settings value to 0 should also make TFAR and ACRE volume 0.


Hey Guys,

in recent times, I often played as an EOD and I noticed that you can defuse explosives with the gun in your hands. I think it would be more realistic if you only able to see and use the interaction menu if you are holster your weapon.

it would be nice if i could use the spraycan to tag "kilroy was here"


sprays not for chatting. Go CS1.6 for that.
Sprays for marking buildings with enemies, so tanks, heavy cannons and RPO gunners can distroy buildings from far distance.


Having various symbols to choose between would be a cool and usefull adition. I wouldn't add a "Kilroy" tag in ACE, but instead make it extensible so people can do that if they fancy.

Armilio commented Mar 21, 2016

A modification of the (current) vanilla stamina system. Sadly, ACE is not even compatible with the "legacy fatigue mod". I would like something more similar to the old fatigue system, but with a bit more "stamina" than vanilla, where you became tired too soon. What boring me with this stamina system is the excessive swaying of the weapon when you are "tired" and the fact that you can continue to run when you finish the stamina. No sprint, but run yes, and in my opinion it's senseless: if you are so tired that you can't maintain nearly steady the weapon, can you run for km without stopping? and can you recover your energy in few seconds? but more than the realism issue, it's bad for gameplay.

Anyway, make it as you like, but i would appreciate a modification by yours.


Advanced fatigue system is coming.


Are you planning on adding field rations from CSE? If not I'd like to make it a feature request.

iJesuz commented Mar 21, 2016

Enhancement of CheckPBOs

We run our server with mutiple comp-patches from ACE. Unfortunately CheckPBOs ignores them. Because of this we can't force our users to run them.

An option to force ACE-Comp-Patches would be very nice.


An option to force ACE-Comp-Patches would be very nice

We are planning an overhaul of compat patches so we'll keep this request in mind. Thank you.


Add visual effects for body hits in first person view. Red vignette or something. It is hard to know were you hit. The same thing for vehicles. It is hard to know direction from which vehicle was hit. Some kind of vignette of one of the monitor sides for every unit inside.


Could you guys make SMG's more stable when moving and aiming down sights? Considering they are shorter than assault rifles and machine guns, it should be easier to keep the sights aligned.

Right now there's no difference, + all weapons clip through walls, so you always want to take the big guns for clearing the buildings. If SMG's were at least more stable when moving, I'd might consider taking one inside.

In case I was not clear, I'd like something like this in Arma:

MG vs SMG in Arma:

madpat3 commented Mar 28, 2016

could you integrate MCC's tactical door breaching, tactical probe (mirroring under the door), and a module for locking doors in the eden Editor?
together with your ACE-FRIES system and ACE-Climb and ACE-Doors, it could "open doors" ;) to many Special-Operations-Scenarios.
and maybe you could improve ace-climb, for you cannot climb quite some objects, walls and Windows, although they look like you could.


ACE 3 Grappling, Repelling, and Breaching Ideas

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate Grapple Hooks, or a Repelling system so you could repel down the side of a building. I feel like this is possible noting that you have the ACE-FRIES System and that you can already repel, but would it be possible to somehow reverse that animation and make your character go up? Also, I wasn't sure if you could add some form of breaching charge, so you can breach walls, doors, and rooftops and flank enemies and blow up there "hiding spot." Now I have no desire to turn this game into another rainbow 6 siege, but still I think it would be some pretty cool things to implement in your mod.

P.S. I am aware that doing this in a combat environment could possibly get you killed, but I think this could be used in some tactical situations as well.

P.P.S Thanks for the reply BaerMitUmlaut, if I have anymore ideas for ACE 3, I will come here and let you all know.


I have planned to do a grappling hook, but can't promise it yet. Advanced Fatigue is a bit more important to me right now.

For breaching charges, you can't blow through a single house wall like in Rainbow Six unless the building model supports that kind of detailed destruction - A3's buildings don't, and I doubt any buildings from mods do either.


This guy was working on a grappling hook addon for Arma 3.
If the devs from ACE could get in contact with him... who knows.


I'm already in contact with him and he has given me his source code 👍


A neat feature and even a step towards battery powered NVG's could be to make them able to be broken similar to to googles and make it so they get cracked or get black or screw with them in other way.


@serialtasted That is fucking great dude, and that animation tho, xD. But I love the grappling hook idea, all he needs now is for the ACE 3 devs to put a good spit shine on that mod, and it will be as good as new, and improved even, lol.


Possibly have some menu enhancement, on the medical icon, it should be colored on the average damage of all the body parts. For example, the left arm is hurt with yellow damage state, chest is red, and head is red. The rough average would be red. When you open self interaction, "medical" icon should show up red before having to look at the body parts. This can help reduce the time needed in the menu.

Another thing that can help with the time in the menu, have the trigger for explosives on the first menu set. How it would look, equipment, medical, medical menu, gestures, then "the trigger that is set with explosives" or an option to set off explosive.

ghost commented Apr 2, 2016

Improvements of Thermal vision

Just some thoughts...

  1. In the ACE, the night vision effects has been improved. Added noise and graininess of the vision and this cool. I think, It's more like a reality. However, thermal vision (black and white) practically was not changed. It was changed only contrast.
    ACE team, your quote -"Adjusting the thermal properties, making them less like torches"
    Please try add special effects to thermal also.
    I think adding such effects (at least like nightvision effects) would make thermal vision more better and realistic.

  2. I think the thermal detection (only rifle scopes TWS, TWS MG) at big distances, should be degraded. However in the game it is not. ACE team, you just reduced the contrast, but anyway at any distance, any targets become the be perfectly visible on the terrain. Without thermal vision, is very difficult to detect an object at a great distance. Thus, if the player has a thermal scope, then he always gets the big advantage before the opponent, which uses the usual scopes. Reducing the detection range, can give a better balance. This is just one man's opinion, but you can always consider it.

MatoshGH commented Apr 2, 2016

Would it be possible for developers to add map diary slot, containing ACE module/feature settings used by the mission?


Just a query.

At present you can use the personal aid kit on other people..
Is there a way to script adjust so you can use it on yourself?

Cheers :)

commy2 commented Apr 3, 2016

The game does not support post processing effcts in thermal mode, which is why we can't add these effects to it like we did with night vision mode. If it were possible it would have been done a long time ago.

Radeni commented Apr 3, 2016

Rappelling down the buildings using fastroping would be great.This is a feature alot of people'd like and i think its possible to do it by creating a dummy vehicle with ropes attached and then using the interaction menu to rappell down just like in helicopters.


-Could we get an option in interaction menu to flatten a bush?

When you're trying to create an ambush, there is always some bush that get's in the way of using that perfect position.
Or when you're defending, there is often a problematic bush that can get you killed (on a hole in a wall, or on the corner). Especially if the bush gets in the way of you and enemy vehicle with thermals.

I wouldn't mind if it took a while to take it down (the bush).

-Can you make cars not turn on brakes automatically when you eject?
You could attach a satchel charge to a vehicle, and send it down the hill by ejecting at slow speed.

EDIT: Ok, thanks for the answer!


Could we get an option in interaction menu to flatten a bush?


Can you make cars not turn on brakes automatically when you eject?

Unfortunately that's not possible due to how physx is implemented.

sagjangi commented Apr 7, 2016

-Ability to defuse a claymore without a defusel kit. IRL claymores don't require one. Allows squads to use claymores and move them if need but they still need engineers/defusel kits for dealing with mines and IEDs.

-"Faded" map markers. Lots of groups use map marking to communicate on the map. However, that information becomes old and possibly inaccurate over time and they don't always get erased. A module to set a uniform fade time for any marks placed would be a cool feature. Also, an option to make a mark permanent when you place it for initial planning purposes so thinks like LZs and phase lines don't fade out over time. To reiterate these marks would fade, not disapear. This indicates that the mark was placed some time ago and whoever is looking at it can ask about the marks status and remark if the threat is still active. This is a common feature on BFT systems.

-Weapons that stay holstered when you exit a vehicle if they were holstered when you entered the vehicle.


Would you make a unconsciousness framework?
and I would appreciate use gas stations on terrains.
I think if there is the framework, many weapons will be made.
For example, Dart gun and Kolokol-1.
And, I think gas stations helps players.


AI Unconciousness Module

Create a new module based off of Ace_ModuleMedicalSettings -> AI Unconsciousness setting, to be synced to an individual unit allowing it to be instantly killed, 50/50, or unconscious. Allowing all general enemy infantry to not have unconscious states, but HVTs when raiding buildings can.


@majinisinpu You can "activate" gas pumps on the map by placing one gas pump by yourself on the map editor.

sargken commented Apr 11, 2016

What about a hypothermia and a heat stroke, system and a food and hydration system like arma 2 had. Yoy had MRE's and camelbacks and water bottles and for the heat stroke you would have to stop moving and get into shade or a cooler spot opposite thing for hypothermia


More realistic diving operations:

  • N₂ saturation; (We can actually dive for 2 hours at 200 m of depth then return to the surface, take an A-10 and go to 30 000 ft 10 minutes later...)
  • More diving stuff; (Like bottles, weapons, etc...)
  • other...

The ability to select which wound you are working on in the medical menu. Currently the system appears to work on a combination of bleed rate and effectiveness of the bandage for the wound. It would be much easier to be able to select which wound to bandage. As a side note, you can click on and highlight the wound inside the menu, but it doesn't appear to do anything.


Update fnc_getAllGear and fnc_setAllGear to preserve Ammunition Count

The great Get / Set Loadout scripts supported this and it would be neat to see the functionality come across.

This change would have two benefits:

  • Provide widespread utility to the community for use in serialization scenarios
  • Provide a greater level of parity in the respawn scripts in ACE where these calls are used
alexcroox commented Apr 18, 2016 edited

Could we have a module to disable g-force without having to delete the pbo?

commy2 commented Apr 20, 2016

Update fnc_getAllGear and fnc_setAllGear to preserve Ammunition Count

ghost commented Apr 20, 2016

In vanilla game and in ACE, any vehicle has the cargo space and player can interact with them.
And player can use inventory without going inside this vehicle. But if you think about it, then anyone can understand that this is impossible.I don't understand why ACE is still not fixed this?
Any soldier can take the weapon or any other object from outside vehicle, This is looks not realistic, especially if it's an enemy heavy armored vehicle, which has no open spaces and windows. How seems to me, in the ACE mod as a realism mod, the inventory ability should be available only when the player located is inside. I think this detail can give more realism to ACE. This may not apply to civilian cars and trucks. This feature can be applied is only for heave armored vehicles and for MRAP cars.


Is it possible to add more manipulation axis for the placement of explosives? They attach to surfaces reasonably well, but you can only rotate them about a single axis which limits how you can place certain ones. I can't for example stick a demo block to a wall, because i need the bottom of it to be able to stick to the wall, and at the moment there is no way of rotating it so the bottom is not facing the floor.


i wonder if it is possible where the vehicles never blow up but instead become disabled. This may be applicable to helicopters. The only way a vehicle would blow up is with any explosive device. This would also allow pilots survive those light explosive landings.


@kripto202, sadly that possible for all vehicles except helicopters. The
weird explosion that happens when they tip over is hardcoded in the engine
and bypasses the handle damage event. We tried hard to prevent it and never

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 10:49 AM, kripto202

i wonder if it is possible where the vehicles never blow up but instead
become disabled. This may be applicable to helicopters. The only way a
vehicle would blow up is with any explosive device. This would also allow
pilots survive those light explosive landings.

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A possible enhancement, an increase of time for wounds to reopen but certain type of movement will speed up the timer. For example, you have applied all the bandages you need. You start moving again and certain bandages such as packing and field dressing, for example, can reopen if you did a full sprint. This would rely on increasing the timer of bandages or type of wounds. This can make bandages more reliable for a ccp and not wasting so many bandages.


IR chemlights. When I need a light that's only visible in the IR spectrum that's not something that also functions as a target designator for CAS

I'd like the personal attached IR strobes to last more than a few minutes before they die out, and with variable brightness?

IR illuminators(flashlights) from the an/peq 15. It would be nice to have a switch that will turn the an/peq into a ir flashlight. Visual examples:

A brighter flashlight weapon light (and with the ability to change the light different colors), as if you flipped a green or red lens over it.

When parachuting, the ability to have smoke or lights active on your person as you fall is invaluable.

Combined with a setting in advanced medical, perhaps, but altitude exposure effects? Parachuting from a high altitude without an oxygen mask could lead to a player going into an unconscious state (like g-loc?) until reaching a lower altitude.

Stretchers to carry wounded, or some other kind of assisted carry device to carry wounded/dead.

Medical tutorial missions, or the ability to precisely wound a target for training purposes, (I.e. assign three large avulsions, somehow, to an ai/medical dummy/player and then proceed with instructions on the medical system.)

Specific breaching charges. While breaching through windows is probably impossible, preparing a cutting charge for compound walls, or interior doors where the 'backblast' of the charge isn't as powerful as a regular explosive, would be nice.

Different artillery rounds, not only contact HE, smoke and Illum (which could use a parachute version), but variable time/proximity. Even if it's as simple as setting the mortar to explode in 10 seconds out of a 15 second flight time before firing.

Slight change in the medical diagnostic display (again, advanced medical) this time linked to the different classes. The 'special effect' is that the more medical training the more detailed the diagnostic display is. So for an infantryman with 'basic' medical training, it could be considered the standard "Patient has lost a lot of blood", but a corpsman would have something like, "Patent has lost more than a liter of blood", a doctor might see "patient has lost between one and three liters of blood".

With the advent of rather portable defibrillators, I would argue that it's possible to have a portable defibrillator on a medic's backpack, and in game maybe it could function as a portable CPR device? Something that you attach and use to initiate a cpr command every time it charges, but with the downside of running through [batteries]?

Towing cables and/or a winch system for some vehicles?

I'm sorry if I'm not up on the latest and have repeated something!


Showing how full each box is in a vehicle's cargo.


hey, iI don't know if somebody have asked it before. There is a mod out called Enhanced Movement could this merged together with ace to one mod? You can climb much more with this mod. It would be greate if this could be done.

jonpas commented May 3, 2016

That mod is not realistic at all, good luck jumping with that much weight.


Or you can play with VcomAI mod. It enhance a lot the AI behaviour. And make them place mines and things like that, even with ace enabled. I don't know why at all but it's working enough to regularly make my team's assault squad blow off on mines, forcing us to progress in column, very slowly, etc.

For medic stuff I've no idea on how to make AI heal themselves and each others. Seem to be hard to do.

BaerMitUmlaut commented May 4, 2016 edited

@mickeymen: the problems with AI have been explained in multiple issues you made before. Since you seemingly have forgotten about the answers you received already, have some links:
#3598 #3161 #2786 #2506

YES or NO and WHEN or NEVER?

We cannot and will not answer these types of questions for feature requests.

gienkov commented May 4, 2016

@mickeymen ACE3 is mainly oriented on MP COOP/TvT gameplay, not as much on SP (there are some issues with saving IIRC). You have better luck finding some community to play with, that is if you want for your team mates to have brains ;)

commy2 commented May 4, 2016

there are some issues with saving IIRC

They were caused by 1.56 and are fixed in the current stable of ACE.

esteldunedain commented May 5, 2016 edited

Sorry, I've deleted a bunch of off-topic comments. I'm really tired of repeating the ground rules.

gibonez commented May 5, 2016

How about an Ipad for sweet mortaring once Artillery makes it in.

syrian-rebels-are-using-ipads-to-fire-off-mortars 1


Maybe a bit nitpicky, but I'd really like the wind indicator arrow to disappear/fade out on it's own after ~2 seconds, instead of having to toggle it off.

You could add additional keybind that works this way, and keep the current one for people that like to toggle it.

cych commented May 11, 2016 edited

Please, release ACE Sys_missileguidance (missile behaviour and effect) for all Arma 2 rockets and missile (M72, AT4, MAAWS, SMAW, Dragon, Javelin, RPG18, RPG7, RPG29, RPO, Konkurs, TOW, Hellfire, Vikhr, Schturm) and make it usable by the RHS mod team.

RHS is currently using Vanilla Effect for all these missiles and rockets, which sucks so bad.

Whitts commented May 11, 2016

In real life most sleeved fatigues have inbuilt tourniquets as an emergency system, for example if someone is bleeding they will pull a string on a limb and it will tighten like a tourniquet. Someone in my unit told me to come suggest it here and I was wondering if it's a good idea.

commy2 commented May 11, 2016

Just put them inside the uniform.

freghar commented May 15, 2016

Separate view distance for UAV "gunner", where one doesn't care about having 10FPS, but cares about seeing further (for UAVs at 2000m height). Also something similar for freefall/parachute, but not for other air/ground vehicles where one cares about FPS.

I can (try to) submit patches for these, but I don't really like putting all these options in an (already crowded) ace options menu - is there any way to create a "submenu" for all the view distance settings? Maybe a new category next to "Options" and "Colors"?

jonpas commented May 15, 2016

@freghar Try using FoV Based view distance first, it should scale up when you zoom in and scale down when you zoom out.

freghar commented May 15, 2016

@jonpas Thanks, but I've tried that and it's kind of unusable on my (2010-ish) PC as it creates heavy frame drops when zooming (ie. as infantry, holding RMB), probably due to me not having an SSD.

It's also suboptimal for the UAV use case for high resolution displays where you can see tiny details, especially on thermals, without much zoom. Not saying the FoV setting cannot be used, just that I'd rather go into the Video options and temporarily raise the view distance in that case.


I gotta say, I really like the suggestion for frefall/parachute separate view distance - I always raise and lower view distance manually during and after the jump since we lack that option.

One more idea since we're on this topic: separate view distance for armed ground vehicles.

Right now the ground vehicle one covers both armed and unarmed vehicles. And when you're driving unarmed vehicles, I'd much rather keep the fps, and have the same view distance as infantry - you really don't need any more.
But with any APC or tanks, you really want a lot higher view distance to make use of that powerful optic.

Not really too important I guess, since we can manually switch these, but definitely would be nice to have.

Th3Cr0w commented May 19, 2016 edited

Please consider fixing Bohemias messed up weapon weights.
The GM6 Lynx doesn't weight 21 kg (wiki says so, has to be right .... right?)
Other weapons affected are SIG556(10kg/5,5kg), HK121(17,24/11,1), LWMMG(15,42/10.8), Negev NG7(14,52/7,6) and the Noreen (14,52/~6).(sure there more I haven't found yet)
The HK121 still uses 9,3 cartridges which isn't accurate either.

Please make vanilla weapons more like in RL (caliber and weight wise)


Was wondering if it might be possible to add a feature to the Check PBO Module:

  • Add the ability to only warn if the Player is running Mods the server is not
  • Add the ability to only warn if the Server is running Mods the server is not
  • Add the ability for a player to manually check their mods (via addaction or ACE Menu) while in game
  • Add the ability for the logged in admin to check specific, and all players modlist

For example, if the server is running multiple maps, but they aren't on the whitelist, it would only warn if it's set to report all discrepancies, but if the player is running a mod that the server is not, it WOULD warn the player. This would be nice for servers running many maps that maybe the player doesn't have yet, and would concentrate on the rest of the modpack, more important items.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Maybe a conditional prevent instant death as an option. Here is how it would work. Any rifle that goes up to practically 7.62 that hits the legs, arms, and body will allow prevent instant death to kick in. For the head, anything higher than a small velocity or avulsion woulds should kill the person right off the bat since a head shot is still a head shot (which still can be conditional). Then when the person is unconscious, he should be able to die instead taking all the rounds in the world till the death timer is up or till he runs out of blood. For rounds that are higher than 7.62, such as the .308, .408, 12.5, and so on, should kill the person if shot in the chest or head. If shot in the limbs, that should put the person unconscious.

Finally maybe some wind pressure damage from high caliber rounds. With the amount of force that the bullet pushes, the bullet doesn't need to hit the person and still cause damage to anything near by it.


How about ACE Camonets? eg. similar to the sandbags. One large (car), medium (static pos) and small (sniper team, sandbag wall)... basic green and desert?

I do know there are mods for this but it would add simplicity by having it usable directly thourgh ACE interaction.


just noticed this,

I'm going to be testing it and maybe it could be a good mod to merge with?


Blue Force Tracking Tablet #sad

sargken commented May 31, 2016

Is Ctab still going to be ported to ACE3?

DLEGION commented Jun 1, 2016

hello guys ! a couple of ideas:

-a free choice of 2 primary ("heavy") weapons and 1 secondary (light), or 2 secondary and 1 primary:

-more movement/climbing freedom:

hope you like that!
thanks !

Gaspasar commented Jun 2, 2016

two suggestions regarding the new targeting pod:

  • make the view lockable like the view of a UAV (ctrl+T)
    i am not shure if this is even possible but i am missing the possibility in Vanilla.
  • add a laser function to the new targeting pod.
    So the A10 for example could laser its own targets like in real life.

I dont know if this is possible or not, if the targeting pod acts like the cam of a UAV maybe it is.

bux commented Jun 2, 2016 edited


make the view lockable like the view of a UAV (ctrl+T)

does already work in vanilla

Gaspasar commented Jun 2, 2016

thx for the answer. maybe I have problems with my keybindings sorry.

second still counts, but i am not shure if its possible.
Maybe have it like a TV lock, like a maverick can do in an A10.
Shooting rockets at the Point of the camera.

If this is not possible, maybe its possible to add the CCIP Point to the targeting pod.

jonpas commented Jun 2, 2016

maybe its possible to add the CCIP Point to the targeting pod.

CCIP point is there in target pod view as well.


You can't change the focus of the player camera unfortunately.
Not sure if you can make the player level when deploying a weapon.


"The possibility of repacking from a box was considered and it's feasable. But in my opinion that would only make sense if we could also reliably implement the possibility of carrying empy magazines; that is theoretically possible to do, but extremely difficult due to the engine tendency to delete them every chance it has."

What if ACE had an item called 'empty magazine', which was added when the game deletes your actual empty magazine from the inventory? Then, when you load magazines from the crate, it just deletes the dummy mags and adds however many full magazines back - although there'd have to be some way to know what type of magazines would be re-added.

commy2 commented Sep 19, 2016

you would need an "empty magazine" item for every magazine available. (correct mass, icon, display name). And that is not feasible if you consider 3rd party mods.
A generic empty magazine would just be awkward.


REQUEST ACE3- Logistics compatibility

Dear ACE-Team, is it possible to insert a compatibility to the "BWMod", even known as "Bundeswehr Mod" ? Maybe not in the normal ACE3, but maybe as Add-On`? My friends and I have no idea of scripting but we really like the BWMod, but we miss the logistic enhancement of ACE for the Vehicles.


commy2 commented Sep 20, 2016

There is this:
but I don't think I've done anything for the "logistic" components


small rebreather tanks to equip through ace interaction. Example video

nomisum commented Sep 21, 2016

Currently we are using the borked BIS dynamic groups system solely for renaming the group ID, as group restructuring happens quite often in our TvT games. Without renaming we are lost in Alpha-1-2-3 hell in BFT.

Sadly the DGS suffers from cheating abilities like seeing who is dead and some minor JIP issues.

It would be great to be able to change the group name via self interact in ACE (condition: being the leader of the group). Nice-to-have to also change the insignia, but group name would be sufficient.

irmo12 commented Sep 23, 2016 edited

Vanilla and DLC ArmA - mods magazine compatability
it would be nice to be able to use magazines which would be compatible in the real world with other mods weapons. fo rexample APEX introduced the AK-12, but one cannot pick up and use AK47 mags dropped by OPFOR casualties from CUP, for instance. the only mags AK-12 accepts are the Bohemia ones.

commy2 commented Sep 23, 2016

^ Probably not gonna happen. See: #313

PirkleAwesome commented Sep 25, 2016 edited

Sabotage vehicles
Similar to using the interaction to fix engine/body but have an option to sabotage or damage them instead.

This was referenced Sep 26, 2016
freghar commented Sep 27, 2016

Extended "features" of Epinephrine, like increasing blood pressure or significantly helping during CPR (cardiac arrest). This could make Atropine more useful (when it's fixed as it still reduces heart rate instead of increasing it, despite #2689), as it could be the slower-acting drug with the sole effect of increasing heart rate, which would make gameplay sense (even though the IRL behaviour presumably depends on the dose).
Nice writeup on the differences here, IMO.


madpat3 commented Sep 27, 2016 edited

change the way of locking onto a target with the agm-65.

the agm-65 is a camera-seeker Version (except for the E-,L/E2-version, which is laserguided), where the pilot uses the camera-seeker of the missile to lock onto the target (similar to your already implemented "javelin-lock-on-system").
this could be simulated with the new vanilla "pilot's_camera" . you could reduce the angle of view of the pilot's camera, to fit the angle of view of an agm-65 seeker-camera .

as it is now, the agm-65 works more like a Radar-guided-System to lock onto a target.

by the way, a laser-guided Version (agm-65E respectively agm-65L/E2) would be nice as well.


commy2 commented Sep 27, 2016

Those pilot cameras are impossible to implement without adding/changing memory points in the model.

madpat3 commented Sep 27, 2016

so i'd better post this in the bis-Forum, as a Feature request? (i don't understand)

commy2 commented Sep 27, 2016


madpat3 commented Sep 27, 2016 edited

consider it done XD



Captive/Prisoner position on screen when moving

When moving a captive/prisoner it's difficult to see, what you are walking into. The captive/prisoner is blocking most of the screen. It would be great to be able to move him on your left or right side. Also, when you are crouching/laying down the capitve/prisoner should do the same to prevent him from getting shot.


adding blindness when you look at something too bright with your night vision.

commy2 commented Oct 4, 2016

^ Sorry to disappoint, but there is no way to detect how bright things are. No API from BI, so this won't happen any time soon.


There is no possible chance to create a system where if you have night vision on (or in night vision mode) and you x distance from the light, that function kicks in. Then for day time, if on and is day time, then true

BaerMitUmlaut commented Oct 4, 2016 edited

There is no way to detect light sources.


Ignition detonation for explosives

An additional option for explosives for them to go off on engine ignition for vehicles.


not sure if this is possible since it would consist in the vehicle configs. In arma, there is a system where the turret would stay on target when the vehicle moves, then there are some vehicles where the turrets don't stay on target. I wonder if it would possible to allow the player to choose how the turret rotates, depending on the vehicle, through interaction for the turret user.

I can see the benefit for the apex blackfish where if you are targeting a certain building, the auto adjusting helps but when you target a vehicle, it would be more beneficial if don't have that system on since you have to constantly fight it to stay on target.

irmo12 commented Oct 12, 2016

for recon operators: the ability to dissasemble & assemble a LRR and put in suitable backpacks.

irmo12 commented Oct 12, 2016

@bux578 thanks


Weight of held weapon influencing stamina drain:

It would be nice to see less stamina punishment for running with a raised weapon for lighter weapons, and more for heavier ones. It makes sense that smaller and lighter weapons are easier to maneuver, and so you shouldn't get gassed by running across a field at a combat pace. On the other hand, it shouldn't be a common occurrence to see a machine gunner charging around with an M240 at the ready.

Since this would only have an effect when the weapon is raised, players with vastly different weapon weights but similar overall weights could still travel long distances on foot ay the same pace, but you would see a increase/decrease in combat mobility once in an engagement.


I had also thought of doing something like that before:

["weapon", {
    params ["", "_weapon"];
    private _mass = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> "mass");
    GVAR(weaponMassCoefficent) = linearConversion [80, 200, _mass, 1, 1.2, true];
}, true] call CBA_fnc_addPlayerEventHandler;

I very much agree with this, and I tried implementing this, but we can't rely on sensible mass values, especially from mod weapons. For example, the RHS M82 (or whatever that .50 BMG was) had a mass lower than a pistol for a long time.

Right now AF only checks if you have your primary or your pistol in your hands because of that.


but we can't rely on sensible mass values, especially from mod weapons

@BaerMitUmlaut , I disagree. We already depend on those values for overheating, inventory weight (which AFAIK affects fatigue), etc. If anything this would provide more incentives for people to report and modders to fix wrong values. Furthermore, it would be quite simple to add a safeguard against nonsensical weights and fall back to defaults

commy2 commented Oct 13, 2016

Pabst method already caps the low and high end.


Can we get functional 20L jerry can using 'land_canisterfuel_f' added as a default object in vehicles (and module) as with wheels/tracks?


The ACE 2 (LOBL, LOAL-DIR, LOAL-LO, LOAL-HI) UI for choppers
Please consider it it's a total game changer

bux commented Oct 26, 2016

Please read the first entry on this "thread" (issue).

There's really no point on making feature requests for anything included or planned for inclusion in ACE2, AGM or CSE. The majority of those things are been considered for porting or rewriting already.

Armilio commented Oct 29, 2016

Any chance to see the work made on mortars replicated for heavy artillery? i know, it's a my fetish.


Injured Ai
When player shot ais , there is a chance that ais fall down with ragdoll and injured and unconscious with animations and begging for help.
here is simple sample i made about this and working fine.would be cool if it possible to have this on ace 3 with option to enable and disable it in module

download sample

Wild-Dog commented Nov 2, 2016

Separate Binding for Primary fire in Aircraft only?

It'd be nice if I didn't have to remove Space from the Primary fire keybind after every time I wanted to use the Space bar to fire in a Jet or Heli.

I haven't found a mod for this yet.

RiceKab commented Nov 6, 2016

I too would like a way for the system used by the 82mm Mortar to be extracted to a general framework. I've been trying to make RHS artillery compatible with it but with no success.

BryanBoru commented Nov 9, 2016 edited

Renaming Compact NVG and making their use more realistic
RE: Realistic Naming & Enhanced NVG

Compact NVGs ( O_NVGoggles_hex_F, O_NVGoggles_urb_F, O_NVGoggles_ghex_F) seem to be based on Paulson AD2V DNVG.
Additionally They seem to have a near full frame B/W Monochrome vision to them as seen here.

It may be possible to improve their realism with Enhanced NVG development:
-Black and White imaging.
-image static and distortion still possible
-rectangular NVG view mask

-Rename DNVG or AD2V DNVG

BaerMitUmlaut commented Nov 9, 2016 edited

@BryanBoru: Full frame irl should not be full frame in Arma. These NVGs have a field of view of 43° - that's 3° more than common NVGs. We cannot change the FOV of the player camera, so making it full frame is not possible.


@BaerMitUmlaut I understand, I corrected my original wording, I felt the "rectangular mask" would get the user that extra 3%.
Just thought to mention it.

ZeusWrath commented Nov 10, 2016 edited

HI @ACE team!
Try to add the suppression effect (blurred vision of the player) when bullets hit near a player or when explosions near. In this case, the action of suppressing the gain in a double sense for the gameplay!

In the VeteranMod this well implemented.
Try to play it if you haven't tried. This is a super feature of Veteran Mod and lacking arguments in ACE3!

nomisum commented Nov 11, 2016 edited

Try to add the suppression effect (blurred vision of the player) when bullets hit near a player [...]

I think opinions on this differ. If you want it instantly there is already Laxemans Suppress Mod doing something similar. Forcing a visual suppression should be at least optional imo.

Another feature idea recently coming to my mind: When using wirecutter, check for a "electrified" variable on the fence and kill/knock out the unit when its true. Thus you could do electric fences scripts without having to worry about distance checks. Maybe even add an 3den checkmark to all wirecuttable fences to be electrified. Could be combined with a little spark/sound effect once in a while.

Turning the fences off could be done individually by scripts setting the "electrified" variable to false.

ZeusWrath commented Nov 14, 2016 edited

If you want it instantly there is already Laxemans Suppress Mod doing something similar

No, no, no. There is no comparison to the good work of VeteranMod. Today I tried the Laxemans mod and I want to say it's a porn.
Just some comparison:

  1. In Laxemans suppression mod, the suppression effect exist only after enemy weapon hits!
    The suppression effect does not exist, if you will shoot from your weapon and get next to you, for example near his feet or in the near wall. In the VeteranMod, this works on any impact against the player! Any weapon (enemy, allied, self) will give effect to suppress!
  2. In Laxemans suppression mod, the suppression effect does not work if a explosives explodes near with player. For example grenades. In theVeteranMod all explosives works!
  3. In Laxemans suppression mode, the suppression effect completely disbalanced. This effect continues to occur even > 10 seconds, after the bullet impact. Idiotic moment! In VeteranMod, the effect of suppressing short, not annoying the player, but at the same time can be useful as a tactical element gameplay.
    I would like to see this a suppression effect (only how in VeteranMod) in ACE3, it would be a great realistic addition!
nomisum commented Nov 14, 2016

it would be a great realistic addition!

I see the gameplay value but I doubt I get blurry vision when getting fired upon in RL.

In our group suppression works very well without visual effects, because you fear for your virtual life if done correctly 😋

runy888 commented Nov 17, 2016

Dear ACE 3 team,
can we get the option to drag / carry an unconscious ally under water? Currently, going k.o. under water is basically your death sentence but with the possibility for divers to drag someone to the surface and load them onto a boat situations like these will make for some adrenaline charged game play moments :)
Thanks for reading!


Give the cell phone more functions other than being just a firing device such as satcomms or text messaging.


Port the ACE 2 compass as it allowed you to read the Mils. (As discussed on Slack). I believe it allowed you to toggle between the view below and the standard one.

Emton commented Nov 30, 2016

Heyy I feel like there needs to be a piece of equipment for snipers that can pack and deploy, a target to make zeroing rifles easy. I think Land_Target_Oval_F makes a good target it's clear to see, bullets show up, it could weight something like a Toolkit, would be real useful for zeroing at your FOB before going into a mission.


maybe something with the same idea as RHS telescopic binos where you can have a helmet on a stick to possibly get the sniper shoot the helmet. Something like this

markooff commented Dec 2, 2016 edited

Hmm, I have one question, and problem which affect me and my team - during our milsim plays we were using very often a periscope (in ACE2 , classid = ACE_SSVZ) and now when we start t oplay on arma3 and ACE3 i 've found that there's no such thing at all ....
So my question is - if there is any possibility to change it and port this very usefull device from ACE 2 to ACE3 ?

UPD: I've just found out - there is such (or similiar ) device in RHS mod. (RHS:AFRF ) so maybe my request is completly useless ... Sorry for making some mess here

madpat3 commented Dec 3, 2016

add air density, temperature, humidity and wind to your ace-mortar-wiki.

i can't figure it out by myself, how to calculate that.

jzimin commented Dec 7, 2016

If going unconscious could utilize the ragdoll system instead the game would be a lot more immersive. ATM if a player ragdolls you know they are "dead dead" so to speak..
I guess if you drop the gun isn't a problem because it too would be realistic... I think TPW had a system where the gun was attached to the ragdoll though..

If you are prone already the animation could be used, but if you are running or standing ragdoll would add a lot. Apply this to the AI too, the feedback you get when shooting AI feel really gamey atm with the twitching, if they could fall over and ragdoll more even if not dead, kind of like TPW fall mod?.. playing with mods would be more immersive.


Add a low pass filter for when players go unconscious.


have a user friendly UI for setting laser codes.


Config setting for jam chance, just to apply a coefficient to the regular chance. Mostly I want to be able to turn it up.


That already exists, it's weapon based though:

nateberkopec commented Dec 13, 2016 edited

@BaerMitUmlaut Yup definitely aware of that. A single config point to crank up jam chance across all weapons was what I need though.

EDIT: Editing every weapon config value might work for me, I'm not sure. The idea is a mission where weapons are dirty/in poor condition, etc.


Me and my team would very much appreciate the ability to give yourself a blood transfusion.
Currently, if a mission only has one medical personnel, and that medic is wounded, there is no way for him to regenerate blood without zeus intervention (using assign medic module on a regular soldier).

Please excuse my ignorance if this is already possible somehow, through some setting. I did not see it.


Add an invulnerability timer for prevent instant death so you dont die when a grenade explodes or an AI empty his mag on you.

madpat3 commented Dec 15, 2016 edited


make rdg2 smoke-granades of the rhs mod compatible to ace-particles.
Classnames: rhs_magazine_rhs_mag_rdg2_black, rhs_magazine_rhs_mag_rdg2_white

integrate M252 and 2B14-1 'Podnos' mortars of the rhs mod into the 82mm-rangetable
Classnames: RHS_M252_D, RHS_2b14_82mm_msv

maybe add a 122mm rangetable for the D-30 howitzer and a 105mm rangetable for the M119 howitzer of the rhs mod.
Classnames: rhs_D30_msv, rhs_D30_at_msv, RHS_M119_D

tradari commented Dec 19, 2016

Javelin improvements -
Add changeable battery (max life 3 hours)

Add changeable BCU (battery cooling unit) max life 4 mins there is a 30 sec warning idicator on the CLU screen that flashes when its about it run out after the time is out this goes Red and the missile is no longer able to fire. and the BCU is spent. to fire the weapon you need to replace the BCU and the missile.
Link to indicators the BCU is on the bottom left
info on BCU -

Add a scope focus feature there the focus has to be correct to enable fire

McDiod commented Dec 21, 2016

ace_interact_menu_fnc_removeActionFromClass inheritance

With addActionToClass you can add an action to a base class. Everything that inherits from it will also get the action. It would make sense if you could use removeActionFromClass in the same way. Actions that were added with the inheritance feature are really awkward to remove right now.

MAD-BUG commented Dec 22, 2016

It would be nice to have module that will allow to add rearming function to syncronized objects.
It can also have settings to set which sides it can rearm or any side but specific vehicles or specific ammo by writing down it's class names.


adding the function for two people to control the driver and turret at the same time. Using the AI is too unpredictable and makes it hard to use the camera.

Adding the function to choose between two different turret rotations. Once where the turret is just like how you see in offroad trucks and the camera system that you see right now where it attempts to keep track on where you are looking.

commy2 commented Dec 24, 2016

^ Sadly not possible with Arma API.


^ Sadly not possible with Arma API.

What which ones? I do know there is already somewhat a function for the attack heli turrets.

commy2 commented Dec 24, 2016

Both and those are hard coded and cannot be manipulated with config or SQF.


Dear Santa, err, I mean, ACE.

It would really be a great to have a zeus module that can assign specific wounds to specific parts of a unit / player.
This would be a very useful feature for zeuses and mission-runners.

Thank you.

Pjetu commented Dec 29, 2016

Trench building is a very used feature so I feel like it should be improved any of these different ways:

  1. Improve the models and textures of the trenches. They look very low quality and that bright green grass doesn't really make sense when you start digging ground.

  2. Add more textures for the trench objects so they fit different terrains better. There should at least be sand, snow and dirt textures available. Then mission maker should be able to decide which texture(s) can be used in the mission.

  3. Trench digging is really fast at the moment so it could be cool if that can be tweaked or the best option is actually if the mission maker can once again decide the time taken for digging a trench.

KarlMoebius commented Dec 30, 2016 edited

For mortars, I would love the inclusion of the 81mm M816 IR Illum round



1-If possible a way to adjust bi-pods elevation in case of the need to keep a low profile while deploying the rifle.
2-a way to make advanced ballistics features option in main ace menu to activate it for SP.
thank u.


1 is not possible.
2 is already possible by using the ACE3 settings framework.


ok thank u and have a happy new year guys.
I have noticed that the following feature from advanced ballistics mod is not presented in the ace_advanced ballistics

  • Mirage effect and parallax adjustment.
    Hope there are plans to port this code to ace. -thank u.
IsllEtman commented Jan 3, 2017 edited

Advanced land navigation system.
Some are presented in Land Nav by Zodd mod for example where these features can be used in addition to ACE map tool
1.Magnetic magnetic declination between Magnetic north and geographic north (true north) based on map location on Earth.
2.Hand Angles – A convenient way to get an approximate angle is using hand angles. While hand angles are not as frequently applied in navigation, they are used extensively in target indications.

Chekko commented Jan 3, 2017

Move dead bodies. Too often do corpses block launchers they carried.

Also I've heard people mention trench digging, but I cant find it on your wiki or anywhere else. It sounds interesting.


@Chekko: moving dead bodies comes with various issues because of the ragdoll system and was not reliable enough. Maybe we can look into it again but no promises.

You can find the entrenching tool in the ACE box.


Apologies if this is already possible (if so, how? 😄),
I would like the ability to re-position the Kestrel handheld device (when in the non-configure mode/view). I love how the MicroDAGR is set to lay on top of the ARMA GPS position which can be configured manually. (Options -> Game -> Layout).
I run my GPS on the left and my MicroDAGR covers up my Kestrel by about half of the Kestrel width.


@BaerMitUmlaut I do remember reading about a mod where you could move dead bodies. If I remember correctly, they basically either used the same animation for your dragging or something like a attachto type or script to drag the dead body. Once the player is done moving the body, IIRC would go back into a rag doll. Either way, it would be so much easier if we could turn off rag doll.


Would it be possible to add a few cook-off parameters to the cookoff framework?

Parameters could include:
*Burn-time before complete detonation of all rounds (in seconds, to give crew time to bail out).
*Duration (or % of ammo) (to set how long the cook off will annoy surrounding infantry)
*Dispersion effect true/false (e.g. being able toggle if exploding munitions should be thrown around the destroyed vehicle or not).


Will there a option to disable medical system?
So when sometime we can play a simple revive mission with ACE's feature.

I just want to use ACE's trajectory system and a lot of feature but except medical, because like a D-Day assault beach mission the player will almost dies a lot of time then finally can capture beach, I just don't want the ACE medical system break the tempo.

Our team play a lot of mission with ACE and use it medical and one life, we just want some fun occasionally with simple revive but don't want to lost the other feature.

Will it possible?

jonpas commented Jan 20, 2017

Yes, when medical rewrite will be released.

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