@jonpas jonpas released this Jul 10, 2017

Assets 3

Requires CBA Version 3.3.1 or later and Arma 3 Version 1.72 or later.

This patch fixes a number of bugs from previous ACE3 release and the latest Arma 3 updates, brings smaller enhancements as well as full Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional translations incorporated from previously standalone mod!

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Change Log Summary


  • Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified translations - 香蕉 (#5295)
  • Japanese translations (#5277, #5280, #5309)
  • Hellfire N (November - Thermobaric) variant (#5294)
  • New latitude entry for the map G.O.S N'Djenahoud (#5275)
  • Refuel support for Tanoa and Malden Fuel Pumps (#5353)


  • Taru pods are no longer super-light and can not be dragged or loaded (#5271)
  • Increased Huron pods interaction range for less arm pain (#5271)
  • "Join Group" action to show group name (#5287)
  • Huron pods now have cargo space to match against the Taru counterparts (#5315)
  • Fuel Canister is now automatically a Refuel object (#5353)


  • Made Cargo holders dynamic to support Cargo on any object (#5274)
  • Interaction support for Hellfires, now checks for config value instead of weapon class name (#5294)


  • Refuel nozzle position calculation to support lower vehicles better (#5279)
  • Repair depends = "0" config entry is now handled correctly (#5283)
  • RHS compatibility config name for resupply vehicles (#5300)
  • Cargo canLoad set to scalar, for backwards compatibility with some 3rd party mods (#5306)
  • Repairing from Huron and Taru pods (#5316)
  • Spotting scope "GetIn" position no longer requires you to face the scope from the front (#5325)
  • Cook-off sound effects variants no longer different on different clients (#5335)
  • Broken font for map GPS display (#5337)
  • "Open Door" interaction now respects locked doors properly (#5345)
  • Rally-points will no longer modify canMove variable on spawn allowing actual disabling of moving them (#5347)
  • Rearm locality, because multiplayer matters (#5307)
  • One can no longer steal your refuel nozzle and render you incapable of running (#5352)
  • Vanilla throwing will no longer be used when trying to use Advanced Throwing during reloading (#5336)