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@jonpas jonpas released this Jan 15, 2018 · 214 commits to release since this release

Requires CBA Version 3.5.0 or later and Arma 3 Version 1.78 or later.

This patch fixes a number of bugs from previous ACE3 release and various enhancements. ACE Arsenal now allows porting saved loadouts from Vanilla Arsenal and optional components are built in separate folders which can be launched directly.
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Change Log Summary


  • Kh25ML Laser Guided AGMs (#5912)
  • allowFadeMusic common setting (#6001)
  • ACE Arsenal button to Main Menu (#5953)
  • ACE Arsenal ability to exit arsenal without applying a loadout (#5996)
  • Porting of vanilla Virtual Arsenal loadouts to ACE Arsenal (in Eden: Tools -> Import BI VA loadouts to ACE Arsenal) (#5943)
  • Search bar, copy/cut/paste and keybinds for the ACE Arsenal loadouts screen (#5973)
  • Custom repair positions to all quadbikes (#6011)
  • CfgSurfaces config entries for whitelist and blacklist of digging (#5898)


  • Build optional components in separate, launchable folders (#5038)
  • ACE Arsenal filter items with scopeArsenal = 0 (#5988)
  • Disabled faces, voices and insignias tabs in ACE Arsenal in Eden (#5996)
  • ACE Arsenal "OK" button to "Apply" (#6025)
  • Tweaked effective area of incendiary grenades (#5971)
  • Overhauled movable map markers (#5922)
  • Added [ACE] tags to pylon magazines names (#5908)
  • Improved realistic names (#5908)
  • Improved extension check to show .so for Linux extension in the future (#5899)
  • Replaced game logics with owner events in Markers and Explosives (#5894)
  • SSWT Kit improved (preview image, editor category, deletion on destruction) (#5886)
  • Sand Bags improved with preview image and proper editor category (#6008)
  • Used parentheses in GETVAR macros (#5995)
  • ATragMX now allows one decimal place for the bullet mass (#6041)


  • AI continuing to fire on unconscious units (made setHidden use forgetTarget) (#5987)
  • Unconscious hidden status not being reset on respawn (#6006)
  • NVG grain and color effects (#6018)
  • Rearm entire vehicle not working due to wrong argument order (#5993)
  • ACE Arsenal openBox crash (#6025)
  • ACE Arsenal add/removeVirtualItems error when setting all items (#5996)
  • ACE Arsenal cache array not being copied properly in openBox when ignoring set virtual items (#5996)
  • ACE Arsenal scaling issues (#5959)
  • ACE Arsenal not matches case for magazines in right panel (#6044)
  • SSWT Kit model disappearing at the edge of the screen when looking at its feet (#5886)
  • SSWT Kit hit points LOD (#5886)
  • SSWT Kit bug in placement script (#5886)
  • House-type carried object misalignement on release (#6049)
  • Back blast if damage not allowed (#6030)
  • Pop-up error due to unserialized spectator help control variable (#6023)
  • Spectator map centering in first person (#6010)
  • Explosives placed without ACE Explosives triggering fragmentation (#5962)
  • Explosives error when selecting a cellphone as an IEDs trigger (#5963)
  • Undefined enum types in Scopes (#5969)
  • Reset laser hud when exiting UAV (#5947)
  • Display name of spectator respawn template (#5989)


  • Obsolete mine JIP sync (#5895)
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