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@thojkooi thojkooi released this Mar 21, 2017

Requires CBA Version 3.2.1 or later.

This release fixes a few small issues for the new Arma 3 release and a number of issues reported by you. Thank you!

If you're looking to chat with us be sure to join our public Slack group at

Change Log Summary


  • A new feature to set a name for Slideshows, because each one should be special for you. (#4904)
  • Add meta data for new community maps and correct latitude. (#4961)
  • Compatibility for the RHS GREF RKG-3 grenade, thanks to our awesome community. (#4944)


  • Hide earplug actions if ace_hearing is disabled. You wouldn't wear them for decorative purposes. (#4913)
  • Use the new CBA Accessory Functions for Laser mode switching. If they can do that why should we? (#4855)
  • The new Arma 3 update was all bananas about a location called "bananas". Now we use less fruity names. (#4975)
  • When adding color mapping for the map gesture function, it could sometimes happen that an error is thrown. And that ain't cool. (#4976)
  • The ATragMX gun list is now more prone to errors on ACE3 updates. It seems you found it annoying to delete your profile each time we made changes to the list. (Sorry) (#4917)
  • Medical texts in Korean are now properly translated. (Reds, go together!) (#4897)
  • Corrected the Katiba's barrel lengths. Because size matters ... at least when shooting ... bullets (#4893)


  • You were able to lockpick an unlocked vehicle from the inside. Since that doesn't make sense we removed it. (#4985)
  • An error snuck in when Advanced Ballistics was disabled the range card refused by all means to show wind and lead values. (#4964)
  • Pilots of fast moving aircraft stopped being little sissies and won't die when taking control of them as Zeus. (#4955)
  • Weapons with integrated scopes can now be used with Advanced Ballistics again. (Still no quick scopes!) (#4945)
  • When storing a weapon in the gun bag your character will take better care of the loaded magazine and won't lose it anymore. (#4942)
  • Being unable to use the medical system on a save game after restarting Arma 3 is now a thing of the past. (#4941)
  • Fixed an issue with setVariablePublic. (#4938)
  • Sometimes when editing units in Eden an engineer would suddenly switch his profession to medic and a medic would frankly ridiculously prefer to apply WD-40 to a patient instead of Saline. (#4905)
  • Fixed an issue where multiple slideshows sub-actions would display on the same position resulting in no one being able t̳̼̠͓͚̮̝o ̩̣̗̻̣͓̲ŕ͖̯͚̤̭e͟a̼̱̩ḑ̲̲̯ ̤͇͚̰͜ͅt̸͈̰͚̮̬͕̦ḥ̭͉ͅe͍̼͇̩͖ ͇̕n̞̖a̸m҉̩̳̝ḛ̸s̵͓̩͚̭̪ͅ (#4904)
  • A small amount of codegrease has been applied to the medical code leading to performance improvements. (#4885)
  • The annoying bug of the audiovisual desync in vehicle and ammo cook off won't annoy you anymore. (#4990)
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