@jonpas jonpas released this Jun 20, 2017

Assets 3

Requires CBA Version 3.3.1 or later and Arma 3 Version 1.70 or later.

This release adds many new features, overhauls others, adds rearm compatibility for Jets pylons and more!

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Change Log Summary


  • Setting for refuel to be able to set the hose length, because sometimes size matters. (#5224)
  • Ability to change repair times of vehicles by script or config which allows your funny kart races to remain fun and your realistic convoy operations to remain realistic. (#5205)
  • Ability to only add a certain amount of ammunition to a munitions truck because artificial shortage isn't only a thing in marketing. (#5182)
  • Support for the Arma 3 1.70 pylon vehicle loadouts and supply actions are now dynamically added. (#5183)
  • More objects now support refueling and showing a fuel hose where it wasn't possible before (Fuel barrels, bladders, Huron containers). (#5151)
  • Ability to toggle the interaction menu with a keybind (default unbound). Special request by a very cool, one handed ACE3 user. ACE3 becoming more accessible. (#5095)
  • Setting to tweak the time of how long a paradrop takes. (#5116)
  • Code handlers for detonations (script based triggers) that can be fashionably used to e.g. block an explosive from ... exploding. (#5115)
  • New latitude entry for the map Lythium. (#5109)
  • Advanced Throwing now uses setShotParents (sad Batman) to set the "shooter" and instigator of the scripted grenade throw. (#5052)
  • New Zeus Module that adds the ability to direct AI suppression fire to a certain position or unit. (#4977)
  • Keybind for quickly mounting a vehicle. (#4931)
  • Predicted Line Of Sight Guidance and Overfly Attack Mode for the NLAW launcher. (#4791)
  • Eden attributes for cargo vehicles to easily modify vehicle capabilities directly in the editor. (#4780)
  • Laser guided Hellfire missiles (K version) - finally. (#4679)
  • Ability to add Virtual Arsenal to an object using a Zeus module. (#4576)
  • Italian translations (#5193, #5198, #5243, #5268)
  • French translations (#5017, #5032, #5040, #5041, #5043, #5079, #5217)
  • Japanese translations (#5011, #5133)
  • Polish translations (#5008, #5018)


  • Use getUnitTrait for medics, engineers and explosive specialists for more compatibility and easier changes. (#5246)
  • Use correct TransportX type for items, because categorizing is important. (#5168)
  • Disabled custom aircraft flight model changes. (#5167)
  • Lowered minimum speed limiter speed to 5 km/h because slow is smooth. (#5065)
  • Expanded Cargo load menu with a list of vehicles to load into so you don't have to play trial and error with the boxes anymore. (#4871)


  • Glass doors and CUP doors can now be open in a stealthy way. (#5226)
  • Belt linking now has less duplicated code. (#5206, #5213)
  • Update helmet hearing protection with standardized values. (#5146)
  • Aircraft configs are now clean. (#5197)
  • New cook-off sound effects for more glorious cook-offs and explosions. (#5179)
  • Switched 2 permanent PFEH's to EachFrame's. (#5140)
  • Map now closes on getting hit. (#5099)
  • Spectator Improvements. (#5083)
  • Tweaked ACE3 main menu info box. (#5073)
  • Use getPosASLVisual for icons and camera position. (#5067)
  • Frag cleanup and performance improvements. (#5010)
  • Updated Sandbags surfaces so you can now deploy them where you couldn't before. (#4971)
  • Slightly tweaked overheating for more realistic jam chance and barrel temperature. (#4969)
  • Increased maximum distance of attach to vehicle action so you can attach things to big vehicles as well. (#5262)
  • Following advice from top tier marketing experts, "Repair Specialists" re-branded themselves into "Advanced Engineers". (#5248)
  • 3rd party mods compatibility. (#4713, #5096, #5097, #5145, #5201, #5204)
  • Advanced Fatigue minor performance enhancements. (#4887)


  • Large IEDs didn't like being defused so we forced them to increase the max defuse distance. (#5261)
  • 1.70 AA Turrets caused a lot of medical issues. It is now forbidden to drag them. (#5251)
  • Pylon weapon is now a valid weapon on Orca/Kasatka (#5250)
  • Non-local objects didn't like being raised or lowered, now they do. (#5234)
  • IVs being shamefully ignored in patient display. (#5230)
  • Ammo count hiding in UAVs. (#5222)
  • Zeus remotely controlled units thinking they were players and using player's damage threshold. (#5219)
  • currentThrowable is not always what it is expected to be, Advanced Throwing now handles that. (#5216)
  • Zeus unit and group interactions didn't conform to locality. (#5214)
  • Laser pointer unit list now removes the unit when the laser pointer is removed for increased performance. (#5190)
  • Zeus teleport players module did not like non-local players either. (#5175)
  • Map gestures and map tools properly separated. (#5154)
  • Spotting Scope interaction point is no longer elusive. (#5132)
  • Refuel nozzle was ignoring objects when being dropped to ground. (#5119)
  • Jerry can liked telling about itself to everyone connected, now only tells the server. (#5131)
  • Jerry can refuel interactions were fighting each other over priority. (#5107)
  • UAV AI no longer cares about G-forces. (#5094)
  • Headless Clients liked the idea of teleportation, they are now filtered from the Zeus module. (#5070)
  • .338LM API526 now has correct BC G1 value in ATragMX. (#5069)
  • FCS vehicles hated initialization and didn't inform other clients about it. (#5063)
  • Tagging model cache's numerous disorders. (#5055)
  • Weapon on back and holster for large modsets. (#5054)
  • Smuggling cargo in locked vehicles no longer possible. (#5049)
  • DAGR not showing bearing in mils. (#5047)
  • MicroDAGR movement by adding custom CfgUIGrids after 1.70. (#5014)
  • Advanced Ballistics water vaporisation pressure calculation. (#4956)
  • Unarmed sprint to prone animation for Advanced Fatigue. (#4887)


  • Custom CfgAiSkill config changes. (#5091)
  • Custom MFD additions for Comanche. (#5197)


  • Conformed function headers to coding guidelines. (#5255)