@thojkooi thojkooi released this Feb 14, 2017

Assets 3

Requires CBA Version 3.1.2 or later.

Change Log Summary


  • Add "Muzzle Velocity vs. Temperature Interpolation" and "C1 Ballistic Coefficient vs. Distance Interpolation" and "Truing Drop" to the ATragMX. So that you can calculate more and shoot less, or vice versa (#4639)
  • Add Japanese translations (#4785)
  • Add Korean translations (#4794)
  • Add RH Acc Surefire flashlight map compatibility (#4846)
  • Add Zeus module for attaching FRIES, but without Ketchup (#4597)
  • Add Zeus utility modules (#4661)
  • Add ace_setting for overpressure distance (#4691, #4770)
  • Add frag definitions for all remaining ammo (#342, #4736)
  • Add missing orange map chemlight entry (#4839)
  • Add more Polish translations (#4821)
  • Add optional "uniforms". Removes side restrictions for vanilla uniforms. Combatant cross-dressing. (#4435)
  • Add optionals meta.cpp files (#4763)
  • Add realistic names to civilian Kamaz trucks (#4851)
  • Add rearm to Vehicle Ammo boxes (#4750)
  • Add support for rearm vehicle cook off (#4779, #4565)
  • Add x64 DLLs (#4764, #4765, #4758)


  • Advanced Ballistics has an improved simulation of transonic flight for even more delightful shooting (#4652)
  • Advanced Ballistics has increased performance for more pleasant shooting (#4707, #4708)
  • Change cook off burn rate calculation for more intense initial burn that more decreases with time (should reduce overall cook off length) (#4779)
  • Change hearing event handlers to player only event handlers (#2627, #4727)
  • Change overpressure config on 2a70 (used on the bmp-3/bmd-4; it has a very low muzzle velocity) (#4691, #4770)
  • Change use new private syntax for winddeflection PFH (#4761)
  • Code cleanups and overhauls of certain modules (#4818, #4813, #4562, #4580)
  • Decrease concertina "dismount" time (#4812)
  • Improved readability of the ATragMX's gun list. Sometimes the last part of long gun names were brutally truncated. No more cutting names sho (#4669, #4674)
  • Sent AI medics back to medical school so they don't fail to perform their duty in some situations (#4797, #4800)
  • Simplify config crawling in nouniformrestrictions (#4782)
  • Simplify huntIR configs using += and issue it to RHS' M320 (#4521, #4199)
  • The "tap shoulder" uses a spiffier non movement blocking animation (#4577, #4578)
  • The .408 CheyTac has another brother. Say hello to the .408 CheyTac 305gr ammo. (#4667)
  • The Range card is even more accurate by taking the bore height into account (#4715)
  • The civilian plane isn't as useless as before, it can now load cargo. A little bit. (#4650)
  • Update latitude and altitude map data (#4786)
  • Vastly improved the ACE3 FCS. It doesn't need a compatibility patch anymore. It's perfect on its own now (#4653)
  • We made the scopes module great again. It doesn't need a compatibility patch as well and it's even more accurate than Arma 3's vanilla zeroing, it's true (#4642)


  • Fix AI producing no grenade pin pulling sounds (#4799)
  • Fix AI thrown flashbangs having no effect (#4799)
  • Fix Kamaz medical truck being incorrectly set as a repair vehicle (#4850)
  • Fix ace_particles smoke on arty shells (#4766, #4768)
  • Fix deprecated AW159 and CH-47I config (#4726)
  • Fix fastrope options don't show up on ACE interaction sometimes (#4819)
  • Fix global execution of ammo crate cook off code (#4799)
  • Fix miscellaneous typos (#4854, #4824, #4816)
  • Fix missing refuel menu on static fuel station (#4533)
  • Fix rhs gl smoke causing frag (#4691, #4770)
  • Fix script error caused by new arguments passed to handleDamage (#4866, #4863)
  • Fixed AI being too fast with locking and shooting Javelins. We had a talk about how not to cheat or at least how to hide it better (#2686)
  • Fixed Laser codes not properly updating when turned on. Before it would have no effect until turning it off and on again.(#4677)
  • Fixed a glitch where Javalins wouldn't be able to lock a target after switching launchers or changing fire modes, total losers (#4625)
  • Fixed clackers not being usable by other players, sharing is caring (#4687)
  • Fixed minor issues with scopes, too minor to mention (#4681)
  • Fixed the range of the dead man's switch "detonate all" feature from unlimited to limited, which seems bad, but it's good (#4688)
  • Fixed the realistic name of the HK416. Bigger is better, right? right? (#4873)
  • Fixed various issues with the ATragMX, like dividing through 0. The ATragMX was brought up better than this (#4682)
  • Some stances shouldn't drain or not drain your precious stamina as they wrongly did. Fingers crossed (#4591)
  • Tactical Ladder, wasn't tactical enough and threw a script error (#4814, #4815)
  • The Kestrel 4500 can now be used without having Advanced Ballistics enabled. But why would you? (#4544)