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The Deadlock Empire

A game that teaches locking and concurrency. It runs on


We gladly welcome all contributions. Especially, we <3 pull requests, bug reports and ideas for features or new challenges. We would also be happy to hear about your experience with The Deadlock Empire: which parts you enjoyed, which were too difficult, what confused you, or anything else - shoot us an e-mail at

For complete information on how to contribute to The Deadlock Empire, please see the CONTRIBUTORS file.


We stand on the shoulders of giants.

We thank the numerous organizers, sponsors, judges and hackers of HackCambridge 2016 for the opportunity to develop this idea and for their support.

We use jQuery for manipulating the DOM and for animations. The design is implemented using vanilla Bootstrap. The tutorial challenge uses Intro.js to familiarize the player with the controls. Keyboard shortcuts are implemented using Mousetrap.

The game uses the Amatic SC font published by Vernon Adams published on Google Fonts.

The logo is a combination of the dragon from the Welsh flag and a lock icon, both from Wikimedia Commons.


Made by Petr Hudeček and Michal Pokorný on HackCambridge 2016.


This software uses the Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is copyright Twitter, Inc. and available under the MIT License.

The Bootstrap framework ships with a no-cost version of the GLYPHICONS icon/font set. The copyright of GLYPHICONS is retained by its creators.

All other software in this repository is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2. Please see the license file (COPYING) for complete information.

All contributors retain copyright to their contributions to this project.


The Deadlock Empire: Slay dragons, learn concurrency!







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