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Loading indicator Ui set for React Native
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npm headLogo

React Native Awesome Loading

Simple React Native library to have awesome loading indicators.

Built-in Indicators:

Download & Installation

$ npm i react-native-fast-image
$ npm i react-native-awesome-loading
$ cd ios
$ pod install


import AwesomeLoading from 'react-native-awesome-loading';


        <AwesomeLoading indicatorId={8} size={50} isActive={true} text="loading" />


Prop Type Default Value
indicatorId number(1 - 20) 1
isActive boolean (required) false
size number 50
text string null
textStyle TextStyle null
direction 'row','column' 'column'


You can open an issue to warn me :)

Authors or Acknowledgments

  • Umut Acerbastimur


This project is licensed under the MIT License

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