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PR #8242 modified the electrodes DB schemas and since then, the EEG Browser is broken.
This fixes the issue by rewriting the query logic.
Also fixes a few issues with the download buttons and the layout.


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LORIS Neuroimaging Platform

LORIS (Longitudinal Online Research and Imaging System) is a self-hosted web application that provides data- and project-management for neuroimaging research. LORIS makes it easy to manage large datasets including behavioural, clinical, neuroimaging and genetic data acquired over time or at different sites.

This Readme covers installation of LORIS version 24.1 on Ubuntu.

(CentOS Readme also available).

Please consult the Ubuntu Installation guide or CentOS Installation guide for more information. These installation instructions and more LORIS documentation for developers can also be found on the LORIS ReadTheDocs website.


You can try LORIS on Heroku before installing it on your system. The project management and clinical data management functions of LORIS are available for experimenting with. Imaging functionality is not yet available.

Deploy and log in with username admin and the password that's set up during deployment via ClearDB.



Consult the Ubuntu Installation guide or CentOS Installation guide for more information.


Get in touch

For questions and troubleshooting guidance beyond what is covered in our documentation, please subscribe to the LORIS Developers mailing list and email us there.

Support and GitHub Issues

For troubleshooting specific installation issues or errors, please see the Installation troubleshooting guide, and then contact us via the LORIS Developers mailing list. For bug reporting and new feature requests, please search and report via our GitHub Issues.

Please include details such as the version of LORIS you're using as well as information such as the OS you're using, your PHP and Apache versions, etc.


We are very happy to get code contributions and features from the global LORIS community.

If you would like to contribute to LORIS development, please consult our Contributing Guide.

Powered by MCIN

LORIS is made by staff developers at the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience, led by Alan Evans and Samir Das at The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital).

Visit the LORIS website for the history of LORIS and our Technical Papers.

The original (pre-GitHub) LORIS development team from 1999-2010 included: Dario Vins, Alex Zijdenbos, Jonathan Harlap, Matt Charlet, Andrew Corderey, Sebastian Muehlboeck, James McKinney, and Samir Das.