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Inline Forms is almost a complete admin application. You can try it out easily.


gem install inline_forms

If you want to just start a new app called MyApp:

inline_forms create MyApp

If you want to use mysql instead of sqlite as development database:

inline_forms create MyApp --database mysql

If you want to install the example application:

inline_forms create MyApp --example

Then point your browser to localhost:3000/apartments and log in with / admin999

You can install the example application manually if you like:

inline_forms create MyApp
cd MyApp
rails g inline_forms Picture name:string caption:string image:image_field description:text apartment:belongs_to _presentation:'#{name}'
rails generate uploader Image
rails g inline_forms Apartment name:string title:string description:text pictures:has_many pictures:associated _enabled:yes _presentation:'#{name}'
bundle exec rake db:migrate
rails s

Then point your browser to localhost:3000/apartments and log in with / admin999


It's work in progress. Until I learn to use git branch, new releases break as easy as Elijah Price's bones.


Copyright © 2011-2013 Ace Suares. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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