A python interface to djb's cdb library
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python-cdb 0.35
Alan Grow <alangrow+python-cdb@gmail.com>
15 Feb 2013

The python-cdb extension module is an adaptation of D. J. Bernstein's
constant database package (see http://cr.yp.to/cdb.html).

cdb files are mappings of keys to values, designed for wickedly
fast lookups and atomic updates.  This module mimics the normal
cdb utilities, cdb(get|dump|make), via convenient, high-level Python

python-cdb is free software, as is cdb itself.

The extension module is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later,
and is copyright 2001, 2002 Michael J. Pomraning.  Ancillary files from
Felix von Leitner's libowfat are also licensed under the GPL.  Finally,
modifications to D. J. Bernstein's public domain cdb implementation are
similarly released to the public domain.


  $ tar zxf python-cdb-$VERSION.tgz
  $ cd python-cdb-$VERSION
  $ python setup.py build
  $ python setup.py install
  # python setup.py bdist --format=rpm, if you prefer

Now break it and tell me about it (or use it smoothly and tell me
about that, too).

Consult the docstrings for module, class, and function documentation.

  $ python -c 'import cdb; print cdb.__doc__'
  $ python -c 'import cdb; print cdb.cdbmake("f.cdb","f.tmp").__doc__'
  $ python -c 'import cdb; print cdb.init("some.cdb").__doc__'

Bug reports to Alan Grow <alangrow+python-cdb@gmail.com>.


  - more dict-like API

  - test cases

  - take advantage of contemporary Python API 

  - formal speed benchmarks

  - possibly revert to DJB's cdb implementation
    explicitly public domain since 2007Q4

  - better README/docs

  - mingw support