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tinysite is a static site generator.

Who is this for?

tinysite is for jekyll users who want a faster edit-preview loop, faster site regeneration, and are more inclined to hack Python than Ruby.

Features and Goals

  1. Content is authored in markdown and separated from presentation.
  2. Templates are user-controlled, extensible via plugins/filters, and authored in a standard template language (jinja2).
  3. Incremental site rebuilds are fast, correct, and use a standard build tool (make).
  4. Content files can contain a data section in a standard data format (json).
  5. Data sections can include external data via file inclusion.
  6. Pages which aggregate content + data from multiple other pages are possible (eg blog home page, archives).
  7. There's a dynamic http server that makes your edit-preview loop fast.
  8. Minification and asset compilation are possible and use the same standard build tool.
  9. Dependencies are minimal. You can rebuild your site on a resource-constrained box.


Debian packaging will be provided.

  • GNU make - for build
  • python 2.6+
  • - for content
  • pygments - for syntax highlighting content
  • jinja2 - for templating
  • simplejson - for data
  • - for local server
  • - for local server
  • ucspi-tcp - for local server