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Add Makefile for tests, build, clean, docs

Simplifies some common jobs, like creating the docs from the root
The clean target could actually remove more things, like for example
doing "clean" on the docs as well.

The release target is not very usefull as it is, as it just opens the
__init__ file in vim.
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Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc
Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc committed Aug 11, 2014
1 parent 969ed65 commit a111f973f18d36ee8c2ac50b64f64c8f5d5f652e
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@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
.PHONY: docs release clean build html

rm -rf ${HOME}/pambox_test_env htmlcov

build: clean
export PATH=~/miniconda/bin:${PATH}
conda create -p ${HOME}/pambox_test_env --yes --file requirements.txt pip \
&& source activate pambox_test_env \
&& python install

test: clean build
export PATH=~/miniconda/bin:${PATH}
source activate pambox_test_env \
&& conda install --yes --file testing_requirements.txt \
&& coverage run --source=pambox test \
&& coverage html \
&& coverage report

docs: html
cd docs; make html

release: test docs
vim pambox/

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