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DOC: Complete a sentence, fix signature

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@@ -23,13 +23,14 @@ clean signal and the noise: ``predict(clean=speech, noise=noise)``.

The reference level is that a signal with an RMS value of 1 corresponds to 0 dB SPL.

Here is a
Here is a small example, assuming that we have access to two signals, ``mix`` which is a mixture of the clean speech
and the noise, and ``noise``, which is the noise alone.


>>> from pambox.speech import Sepsm
>>> s = Sepsm(fs=22050)
>>> res = s.predict_spec(mix=mix, noise=noise)
>>> res = s.predict(mix=mix, noise=noise)

For models that do not take time signals as inputs,
@@ -115,7 +116,7 @@ Or files can be loaded as an iterator::

By default, the list of files is simply all the files found in
the `path_to_sentences`. To overwrite this behavior, simply replace the
the ``path_to_sentences``. To overwrite this behavior, simply replace the
:py:func:`~pambox.speech.Material.files_list` function::

>>> def new_files_list():

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