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Use certain vim keyboard commands anywhere in Windows. Do excuse the lame pun.
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Doesn't seem to occur anymore, at least for me, and no one else has complained. *shrug*

Vimdows Navigation

Vimdows Navigation tries to allow you to use Vim (or vim-like) commands outside of vim. The original script was written by Rich Alesi, and most of the credit for this script goes to him. I modified a variety of things, but I would have had no idea how to even begin this if it weren't for Alesi's code.

It isn't perfect, of course, but I've found it useful. You can run the .exe, or download Autohotkey. Either way, this'll run in your system notification area until activated, when it'll show an icon on your taskbar.


Vim "mode": Toggle with Shift+Esc; i will also exit this mode

Quick Vim keys: CapsLock + cmd

Note that because of the way Quick Vim functions, you will have to use Ctrl+CapsLock to toggle CapsLock.

Keys                                   Function
====                                   ========
h, j, k, l, w, b, $, ^                 navigation
dd, d<w, b, $, ^>                      deletion
o, O                                   insert lines and exit vim 'mode'
p, P                                   paste lines
v                                      yank mode; not perfect
                                           hit y after you're done selecting to copy
<#[cmd]>                               Run 'cmd' # times. E.g. 3dd, 4w, 10l, etc
u, <shift> u                           Undo, redo
/, n                                   Find, next found result (Uses Ctrl + F and F3)
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