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Inquire Cisco Spark Bot

Written by Aman Chhabra

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Inquire helps you ask questions and get answers. It was created to address the forum style nature of business messaging channels. It tracks all questions asked and allows peers to answer. It also contains a frontend where you can view a curated FAQ list.


To configure Inquire for your environment there are 2 ways to deploy:

  1. Heroku (Deploy to Heroku button above)
  2. Docker (automated build here)

You will need the following:

  1. Cisco Spark Bot Token (required) here
  2. Cisco Spark Integration (required) here
  • Save your Oauth Client ID and Client Secret (required)

  • For the Redirect URI put in:

    https://{HEROKU-APP-NAME} (Heroku Deploy)

  • You will need these permissions:

    • spark:people_read Read your users’ company directory
    • spark:rooms_read List the titles of rooms that your user’s are in
    • spark:messages_write Post and delete messages on your users’ behalf
    • spark:teams_read List the teams your users are in
  1. An accessibile MongoDB Instance to store the Q&A Data (optional with heroku deploy)
  2. Botkit Studio Token (optional)

Environment Variables

Set the following environment variables:

EV Name Description
BOT_NAME The name of your Cisco Spark Bot
PUBLIC_ADDRESS The public DNS that you app will be accessible at.
ACCESS_TOKEN Cisco Spark Bot Access Token From (1)
MONGODB_URI MongoDB Connection String
OAUTH_CLIENT Oauth Client ID From (2)
OAUTH_SECRET Oauth Client Secret From (2)
STUDIO_TOKEN BotKit Studio Token from (3)
SECRET Webhook Token Secret
JWT_SECRET Secret used to sign JWT
PT_HOST PaperTrail Logging Host
PT_PORT PaperTrail Logging Port
HOST Hostname for your server
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