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Bay Area Housing Analysis Repo

This repo corresponds to the Bay Area Analysis blog posts on Check Yo' Tech.

You can click the links to view the notebooks in NBViewer. They will not display properly in Github. You can also clone the repo yourself to modify and run the code locally. Note you will need API Keys for Quandl and MapBox.

Part 1 Files


Data Files:

  • areas_city.csv
  • indicators.csv
  • zip_codes_states.csv

Part 2 Files


Data Files:

  • redfin-bayarea-all.csv
  • redfin-bayarea-condos.csv
  • redfin-bayarea-multi-fam.csv
  • redfin-bayarea-single-family.csv
  • redfin-bayarea-townhouse.csv
  • zillow-prr.csv
  • east-bay-mrpah.csv