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  • Python (2.7)
  • PostgreSQL (9.3 or newer)
  • Redis (2.8.3 or newer)
  • Node.js (v6 or newer)

create db

-- as root
create user redash;
create database redash;
grant all on database redash to redash;
-- as root
create user coolec;
create database coolec;
grant all on database coolec to coolec;
-- as coolec
create schema coolec_api authorization coolec;
# create .env file and put the following before running create_tables script
export REDASH_DATABASE_URL="postgresql://redash@localhost:5432/redash"
bin/run ./ database create_tables

start services

./bin/run ./ runserver --debugger --reload
./bin/run celery worker --app=redash.worker --beat -Qscheduled_queries,queries,celery -c2
npm run start

create dummy data

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