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FeatureAdmin FeatureAdmin 3

SharePoint Feature Administration and Clean Up Tool

Web site

Please visit the feature admin web site at


This is a tool to manage SharePoint features. It allows you to

  • See and search available feature definitions
  • Quickly get to and search within all locations, where features can be activated in SharePoint (Farm, Web Apps, Sites, Webs)
  • Identify, where which features are activated
  • Identify and cleanup orphaned/faulty/broken features and feature definitions that often cause issues (e.g. when installing CUs or when exporting and importing sites)
  • Activate, Deactivate and Upgrade features (, even in multiple locations (bulk), when selecting a parent location)
  • Uninstall feature definitions


FeatureAdmin 3 for SharePoint 2013 and newer

Get the modern FeatureAdmin 3, which automatically identifies your SharePoint 2013+ farm. If no SharePoint installation is found, it automatically switches to demo mode.

Screenshot FeatureAdmin 3

Previous SharePoint versions

SP 2010

SP 2007


Please download the FeatureAdmin 3 for SharePoint 2013+ and just start it on a computer with no SharePoint 2013+ installed.


  • Requires no installation
  • Just (a download/copy of) the EXE file is required
  • Please start the EXE file on a SharePoint Web Front End (WFE) with as much as possible rights
  • Regarding rights, please also check recommended permissions for running FeatureAdmin


What others are saying about this tool

  • "It's been a very useful yet very powerful tool.", by (SharePoint-)Joel Oleson
  • "Swiss Army knife for managing features in SharePoint", by The SharePoint Nomad
  • "Tool that can find faulty features and remove them from the system",

{from the book: "Windows Small Business Server 2011 - Das Handbuch", page 187, by Thomas Joos}>

  • "... does a great job in listing Feature Definitions across Site Collections and Sub Webs and cleanly uninstalling them.",

{by (SharePoint-)George Khalil}>

  • "Tool to remove missing features", by Paul King, Microsoft
  • "Oh my God, your product saved my job!", by jasonengberg
  • "This tool saved me from pulling out the remaining hair that I have. Worked like a charm.", by rsreagan
  • "I loved it. This is the best tool to use when in jamm with orphaned features", by nee2ok
  • "Saved my day!!! Thanks...", by vinodkumarpvk
  • "Champion! Love it! Thank you SOOOOO much!", by drewberrylicious
  • "Excellent tool.", by rarandas

'Features' of the FeatureAdmin Tool

  • Allows to cleanup feature definitions with scope:invalid and orphaned activated features - which could otherwise prevent you from a successful upgrade or migration
  • Allows to comfortably upgrade all features in your farm with the click of a button
  • Made for administrators: requires only .NET framework version 4.52, requires no administration
  • Once started, asynchronously loads all feature definitions, locations (farm, web apps, site collections, webs) and all activated features
  • Best if started as Administrator with farm admin rights, but FarmAdmin also tries to start with less privileges
  • PowerFul search and filter for features and locations, to find the features you are looking for
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