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Eclipse plugin that adds a new dialog and command to quickly re-open recently closed files.

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RecentEditors is an Eclipse plugin that adds a new dialog to see and re-open recently closed files. It also adds a command to re-open the last closed editor via keyboard shortcut.

Furthermore, the current scoll position and caret position of editors is persisted and can be restored when an editor is re-opened. This enables to continue editing at the last viewed position.

This plugin adds the following shortcuts. They can be changed in the Preferences:
Recently Closed Files Dialog: CTRL+E
Re-open Last Closed File: CTRL+SHIFT+W

Published on the Eclipse Marketplace
Update Site:

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

See also the Open Editors plugin to navigate open files.


Development Environment Setup

The following explains how to set up your Eclipse IDE to continue the development of this plugin.

  1. Clone the repository

  2. Download and start Eclipse

  3. Install the plugin Development Tools (PDE) if not done yet

    1. Help > Install New Software...
    2. Work with
    3. Select 'General Purpose Tools' > 'Eclipse plugin Development Environment.'
  4. Import the projects from the cloned repository

    1. File > Import... > Existing Projects Into Workspace
    2. Select the repository location and import all projects
  5. Configure the Target Platform. It must contain all required plugins and should not contain to much bloat, such that the test environment starts up quickly.

    1. A Target Platform has been prepared in config/target-platforms/ Open this file and click 'Set as Active Target Platform' in the upper right corner.
  6. Run the plugin in a new Eclipse instance.

    1. A launch configuration has been prepared in config/launch-configurations. You can import it via File > Import... > Run/Debug > Launch Configuration.

Conventions and Configurations

  1. Use spaces instead tabs: Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors > Insert spaces for tabs: true

  2. Enable UTF-8 encoding: Preferences > General > Workspace > Text file encoding: UTF-8

  3. You can find the code style configuration in config/code-style.

    1. Import the configuration file in Eclipse under Preferences > Java > Code Style > Formatter.

    2. Enable formatting on save using Save Actions: Preferences > Java > Editor > Save Actions > Format source code

Building the Update Site

The Eclipse Update Site for this plugin is hosted also on GitHub. You find it in the 'updatesite' folder. The folder in the 'master' branch is for alpha versions and pre-release testing, whereas the 'release' branch contains the released versions of the plugin that are considered stable.

The plugin project contains the code for the plugin. On the other hand, the feature project (ends with '.feature') contains information to bundle and deploy the plugin as an Eclipse Update Site.

  1. Delete all old content in the updatesite folder

  2. Go to File > Export... > Deployable Feature

  3. Choose a target directory.

  4. Under the 'Options' tab, make sure that 'Categorize repository' is checked and the corresponding category.xml is selected.

  5. Hit 'Finish'


Eclipse plugin that adds a new dialog and command to quickly re-open recently closed files.






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