Workshop for PyCon APAC 2018 in Singapore: Making a modern Python package
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Making a modern Python package

Tasks and topics

  • Step 1: Setting up a GitHub repository with a recommended directory structure
  • Step 2: Writing the first version of and testing it using virtualenv
  • Step 3: Adding test cases using pytest and setting up Travis CI for automated tests
  • Step 4: Writing a good-looking documentation using Sphinx and
  • Step 5: Deploying to PyPI with twine
  • Step 6: Adding shiny badges to the GitHub README
  • Step 7: Using towncrier to automatically keep changelog up-to-date
  • Step 8: Provide templates for contributors

Please come and ask questions related to above topics!
As long as our time allows, I could help you to resolve problems in the packaging and CI setups of your projects.


Real-world examples with simple and complicated deployments