Translates the world around you in Hindi
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Translates the world around you in Hindi

This app let's you take a picture or load one from your gallery and translate text to Hindi.

To make this application work, you need to create following keys and update in App.xaml

  1. Azure Computer Vision API Key
  2. Azure Translator Text API Key
  3. Cloud Translation API (Optional)

This app has a toolbar (kind of) at the bottom that is scrollable.

  • First button is to load image from gallery
  • Second button is to take a picture from camera and load
  • Third is a slider that fills the background with grey color when translated text is superimposed on the image
  • Fourth is a reload button, it uses the image that is already loaded
  • Fifth is a color picker for translated text
  • Sixth is a font resizer
  • Seventh let's you switch to Google translator
  • Eighth let's you load just the translated text. It also displays any exception. (If you don't get translated result, switch to this view.)

App is available for download at