📊 A dataset on information security & privacy.
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Description of Research.pdf
Execution Timeline.pdf
Final Data Report.pdf
Final Presentation.pdf
Final Report.pdf
IRB Approval.pdf
Variable Specifications.pdf


Vulnerability data analysis by Alvin Chitena for COMP 360-01 Information Security and Privacy (Fall 2018)

The folder for the project can be viewed here: Project Google folder.

Link to survey: bit.ly/wesdata18.

Survey response count: 71.


Description of Research.pdf:

The research application I submitted to the Wesleyan University IRB Committee.

IRB Approval.pdf:

The approval letter I received from the Wesleyan University IRB Committee.


The final dataset obtained for the project.

Variable specifications.pdf:

A detailed description of all the variables in the final dataset.

Final report.pdf:

A written report about my project.

Final data report.pdf:

A visual survey data report automatically generated by Qualtrics.

Execution Timeline.pdf:

A breakdown of my work timeline for the project.


The promotional poster for the survey.

Final presentation.pdf:

My final presentation for the project.