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Commits on Feb 28, 2011
  1. Ilkka Laukkanen

    Autoload Terminator Capture too

    ilkka authored
  2. Ilkka Laukkanen

    Add note about new core and its requirements to README

    ilkka authored
    TerminatorCore requires xdotool.
  3. Ilkka Laukkanen

    Use Terminator core & capture if terminator in PATH

    ilkka authored
    This overrides the default setting of Konsole core and capture on Linux,
    if the "terminator" binary is found in PATH.
  4. Ilkka Laukkanen

    Implementation for Terminator core.

    ilkka authored
    Couple of gotchas:
      * only works if the active window at the start of any invocation
        is a terminator window, and all commands operate on that, and
      * requires the "xdotool" utility to be in the path.
  5. Ilkka Laukkanen

    Unit tests for Terminator core

    ilkka authored
    Basic structure aped from Konsole core tests.
  6. Ilkka Laukkanen

    Capture class for Terminator

    ilkka authored
    Just and empty implementation for now.
  7. Ilkka Laukkanen Nathan Esquenazi

    If growlnotify not available, output with puts.

    ilkka authored nesquena committed
    This allows using watchr to run the tests on e.g. Linux.
  8. Ilkka Laukkanen Nathan Esquenazi

    Only run mac-related tests if platform is darwin.

    ilkka authored nesquena committed
  9. Ilkka Laukkanen Nathan Esquenazi

    When on linux, add ruby-dbus as dependency

    ilkka authored nesquena committed
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