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Commits on Feb 28, 2011
  1. @ilkka

    Autoload Terminator Capture too

    ilkka committed
  2. @ilkka

    Add note about new core and its requirements to README

    ilkka committed
    TerminatorCore requires xdotool.
  3. @ilkka

    Use Terminator core & capture if terminator in PATH

    ilkka committed
    This overrides the default setting of Konsole core and capture on Linux,
    if the "terminator" binary is found in PATH.
  4. @ilkka

    Implementation for Terminator core.

    ilkka committed
    Couple of gotchas:
      * only works if the active window at the start of any invocation
        is a terminator window, and all commands operate on that, and
      * requires the "xdotool" utility to be in the path.
  5. @ilkka

    Unit tests for Terminator core

    ilkka committed
    Basic structure aped from Konsole core tests.
  6. @ilkka

    Capture class for Terminator

    ilkka committed
    Just and empty implementation for now.
  7. @ilkka @nesquena

    If growlnotify not available, output with puts.

    ilkka committed with nesquena
    This allows using watchr to run the tests on e.g. Linux.
  8. @ilkka @nesquena
  9. @ilkka @nesquena
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