Angular module for Kaazing AMQP 0.9.1 Gateway
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AngularJS module for Kaazing AMQP 0.9.1 Gateway

Online demo


Trying locally

Make sure you have these tools before trying out:

  • Npm, node package manager. Thanks to nvm to make nodejs installation easier.

  • Bower, frontend package manager. Install it using npm install -g bower.

The demo use cloud-hosted Kaazing AMQP WebSocket gateway: wss:// (thanks for the amazing work!)

Open app/index.html in your browser, e.g.:


Kaazing AMQP Angular Demo Screenshot


  • Maximum row to show in table: 100

How to develop

It is better to add ./node_modules/.bin to your PATH to shorten command execution. I use grunt to setup livereload and provide connect module to serve the page. Run npm install to resolve all tools needed. I still failed to make karma test working due to my lack of knowledge regarding unit test of promise on angular.

To develop with livereload, run grunt to start the connect server on localhost:9009 and install livereload addons/ extension for your favourite browser. Don't forget to push the livereload button (usually located on right top and it mimick refresh button) on your browser to be notified by grunt watch whenever there is file changed on app folder. Start edit your files under app folder and browser should be refreshed automatically.

To run functional test:

  • webdriver-manager start (on another console).

  • npm test to start the intern-runner.