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The travel planner for any vacation, big or small!

Have you ever found yourself in Miami for a day or Chapel Hill for a week? Your first thought, likely, is to use Yelp or TripAdvisor to find restaurants to eat at or landmarks to visit... But those apps are for tourists.

Why not live like a local? Integrating Algolia API's search functionality with Eventful API's event database, we can find local events, parties, and concerts happening around you or in any city you choose. If you choose an event from the search, we've got you covered with Here API's location services and routing functionality, sending coordinates to Google Maps API to show you where you're going.

Languages Used





APIs Used




Google Maps


Our next step is to integrate an API for finding flights, such as Priceline or Expedia, so users may book flights and add events to their schedule all in one place.

Some day, we'd like to develop this into a mobile app - likely using React Native. With a mobile app, we would have the ability to add ride services via Lyft and/or Uber which would go along with the use of Priceline or Expedia - users can book flights, plan their trip, and schedule/call for rides all through our app.

Happy HackNC!

We'd thought it'd be appropriate to give a huge THANK YOU to the organizers of HackNC 2018! It was an amazing time and we've learned so much.

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