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  • Mouse
    • Left button to start/record
    • Right button to reset
  • Keyboard
    • Configurable keys supported (you will be asked to configure). No need to focus the window. To reconfigure remove from "data/settings.json" values 'hk_reset' and 'hk_check'.

JSON game profile structure:

File can be specified by passing it's name as argument (in windows 'Open with..' or simply Drag&Drop file to application file icon). If no file specified application loads 'data/games/test/test.json'.

Main section

  • game - game name
  • goal - goal text
  • background - background image (path must be relative to CWD or folder with current profile file)
  • beep - if true - you will hear a countdown beeps
  • offset - the countdown value before you can start (in miliseconds)
  • best - your best time (in miliseconds)
  • checkpoints - array of checkpoints

Checkpoint section

  • name - checkpoint name
  • best - best time for segment between this checkpoint and the last one
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