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Basedroid: A Base Template for Android Apps

Basedroid is a starting framework for new Android apps that serves to eliminate the boilerplate you find yourself writing in apps.

It comes packed with several frameworks and features that make Android development much simpler:

  • roboguice, a dependency injection library, comes configured. Examples include automatic injection of SharedPreferences classes, UI elements, and more.

  • Action Bar Sherlock, an extension of the Android action bar pattern which gives your app a consistent look and feel.

  • A singleton HTTP client with GET / POST requests of JSON.

  • A singleton StateManager that uses Gson to serialize and deserialize data.

  • Several examples of unit testing with roboguice.

Configuring Basedroid

You must have a PATH variable $ANDROID_HOME set to your Android SDK directory.
Basedroid is built on API 15 but is compatible with as low as Android 2.2.

    export ANDROID_HOME=/my/sdk/path
    git clone git://

Building from source

On a Unix-like system you can build Basedroid from source using the following command:

    mvn clean package

To build Basedroid you will need:

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