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Update method signature in data fetcher

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achyudh committed Dec 20, 2018
1 parent 47a4fd5 commit 6af83943f0534aa85db4b1bf59c3f0a6de30fe7d
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  1. +2 −2 lib/data/
@@ -53,10 +53,10 @@ def en_de(path, source_vocab=None, target_vocab=None, reverse_lang=False, replac
return encoder_input_data, decoder_input_data, decoder_target_data, source_vocab, target_vocab

def en_vi(path, source_vocab=None, target_vocab=None, reverse=False, replace_unk=True, one_hot=False,
def en_vi(path, source_vocab=None, target_vocab=None, reverse_lang=False, replace_unk=True, one_hot=False,
dataset_size=None, source_vocab_size=None, target_vocab_size=None, splits='train'):

if reverse:
if reverse_lang:
source_lang, target_lang = 'vi', 'en'
source_lang, target_lang = 'en', 'vi'

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