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An open source kernel extension enabling native macOS HD audio for not officially supported codecs without any filesystem modifications. AppleALCU can be used for systems with digital-only audio.

English (Current)


  • Digital and analog audio support starting from the OS installation
  • Recovery HD/macOS Installer audio support
  • Automated codec detection
  • Unsupported audio controller enabling (internal and external)
  • Arbitrary kext patching
  • Custom platform/layout injection
  • Works with SIP / El Capitan+
  • Currently compatible with 10.4-14



The minimal instruction is available on the wiki.
The prebuilt binaries are available on releases page.


To support more audio codecs in the binary packages you are asked to submit your configurations. Please read the wiki for more details. For the contributors with programming skills the headers are filled with AppleDOC comments.

Support and discussion

InsanelyMac topic in English
AppleLife topic in Russian


Writing and supporting code is fun but it takes time. If you want to thank the author for his work consider contributing, bugreporting, or providing the support to other users.