AppleSupportPkg - contains UEFI drivers for Apple environment support
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Open source apfs.efi loader based on reverse-engineered Apple's ApfsJumpStart driver. It chain loads the apfs.efi driver that is already embedded in the APFS container from this container.

  • Loads apfs.efi from APFS container located on the block device.
  • Apfs driver verbose logging suppressed.
  • Version system: connects each apfs.efi to the device from which it was retrieved.
  • Embedded signature verification of chainloaded apfs.efi driver, what prevents possible implant injection.


Secure AppleEfiFat binary driver with implementation of AppleLoadImage protocol with EfiBinary signature verification.

It provides secure loading of Apple EFI binary files into memory by pre-authenticating its signature.


Driver which implements set of protocol for support EfiLoginUi which used for FileVault as login window. In short, it implements FileVault support and replaces AppleKeyMapAggregator.efi, AppleEvent.efi, AppleUiTheme.efi, FirmwareVolume.efi, AppleImageCodec.efi. Also, it contains hash service fixes and unicode collation for some boards. These fixes removed from AptioMemoryFix in R23.


Open source tool for verifying Apple EFI binaries. It supports ApplePE and AppleFat binaries.


This library provides Apple's crypto signature algorithm for EFI binaries.