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Lilu Kernel extension for enabling:

# Sidecar Unlock
MacBookAir5,x - MacBookAir7,x
MacBookPro9,x - MacBookPro12,x
Macmini6,x    - Macmini7,1
MacPro5,1     - MacPro6,1
iMac13,x      - iMac16,x

# Sidecar
iPad4,x       - iPad5,x
iPad6,11      - iPad6,12

# AirPlay to Mac Unlock
MacBookAir5,x - MacBookAir7,x
MacBookPro9,x - MacBookPro14,x
Macmini6,x    - Macmini8,1
MacPro5,1     - MacPro6,1
iMac13,x      - iMac18,x
Systems with 'kern.hv_vmm_present' set to as 1 (Ventura and newer)

# NightShift Unlock
MacBook1,1    - MacBook7,1
MacBookAir1,1 - MacBookAir4,x
MacBookPro1,1 - MacBookPro8,x
Macmini1,1    - Macmini5,x
MacPro1,1     - MacPro5,1
iMac4,1       - iMac12,x

# Universal Control Unlock
MacBookPro11,4 - MacBookPro12,1

# Continuity Camera
Systems with pre-Kaby Lake CPUIDs

Additional Notes

  • NightShift (macOS 10.12.4+)

  • AirPlay to Mac (macOS 12.0+)

  • Continuity Camera (macOS 13.0+)

  • Universal Control (macOS 12.3+)

    • Requires minimum of Wifi N and Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless, wired is supported between iPad and Mac as an alternative
    • Note all parties check each other for compatibility, thus requiring FeatureUnlock on all models in the chain
      • Seen as Ineligible Device Found Md MacBookPro11,4, SV 340.17.2 in Console under UniversalControl:
      • Recommend using a different SMBIOS if possible, otherwise use -force_uc_unlock for machines that are not blacklisted but are connecting with a blacklisted model.
      • Due to the nature of requiring FeatureUnlock for both models, Apple Silicon and iPads will not work
  • Sidecar (macOS 10.15.0+)

    • Requires minimum of Wifi N and Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless, wired is supported between iPad and Mac as an alternative
    • Requires a machine with an Intel iGPU active for reliable usage, most dGPU-only machines will experience difficulties. An H.265 capable iGPU is recommended for best streaming quality.
    • AMD dGPU-only machines may work if using an iMac19,x or iMac20,x SMBIOS with gvaForceAMDKE setting applied:
defaults write gvaForceAMDKE -boolean yes

Boot arguments

  • -caroff (or -liluoff) to disable
  • -cardbg (or -liludbgall) to enable verbose logging (in DEBUG builds)
  • -carbeta (or -lilubetaall) to enable on macOS newer than 14
  • -allow_sidecar_ipad enables Sidecar support for unsupported iPads
  • -disable_sidecar_mac disables Sidecar/AirPlay/Universal Control patches
  • -disable_nightshift disables NightShift patches
  • -force_uni_control forces Universal Control patching even when model doesn't require