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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Jan 13, 2020


  • Added Enter key handling in boot menu for quick proceed
  • Update builtin firmware versions
  • Bundled FwRuntimeServices driver with OpenCore
  • Allowed writing to non-volatile variables with disabled write
  • Fixed microcode reading on Intel CPUs
  • Fixed SMBIOS Type4 External Clock values
  • Improved Windows compatibility on some setups (acidanthera/bugtracker#614)
  • Added SupportsCsm and option in PlatformInfo/Generic
  • Added OSInfo protocol support
  • Added SignalAppleOS Booter quirk to enable IGPU on Macs in other OS
  • Added AppleSmcIoprotocol support (replaces VirtualSmc UEFI driver)
  • Added AuthRestart security property for VirtualSMC authenticated restart
  • Fixed input protocol initialisation on VMware fusion
  • Added arrow key handling in boot menu
  • FileVault 2-like key input is now the only supported input in boot menu
  • Fixed 5 second delay when exiting Shell to OpenCore Picker
  • Added default boot option update and AllowSetDefault Security option
  • Fixed CPU package detection on configurations with multiple CPUs
  • Bundled CleanNvram and VerifyMsrE2 tools for debugging
  • Added screen clearing after choosing boot entry in picker
  • Added WriteFlash NVRAM option to enable writing variables in Add
  • Added LegacyOverwrite NVRAM option to allow overwriting variables by nvram.plist
  • Added AppleXcpmForceBoost kernel quirk to maximise select Xeon performance
  • Bundled NvmExpressDxe and XhciDxe drivers for platforms that need them
  • Added IncreasePciBarSize kernel quirk for select platforms with PCI space issues

Please note that newly found issues may be fixed in the development version.

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