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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Feb 3, 2020


  • Fixed CPU bus ratio calculation for Nehalem and Westmere
  • Fixed CPU package calculation on MacPro5,1 and similar
  • Improved OpenCore rerun detection for new versions
  • Fixed loading picker on boot failure when it is hidden
  • Added PMC ACPI sample for 300-series chipsets
  • Improved driver connection performance on APTIO IV
  • Fixed boot option saving in LogoutHook.command
  • Added support for OEM information in ExposeSensitiveData
  • Improved SanitiseClearScreen to avoid mode switching
  • Replaced SupportsCsm with AdviseWindows enabling UEFI mode
  • Fixed issues with default boot path selection on some boards
  • Update builtin firmware versions
  • Fixed AdviseWindows not setting FirmwareFeatures in NVRAM
  • Added TakeoffDelay option for improved action hotkey support
  • Added Mac GOP support to ProvideConsoleGop quirk
  • Added experimental BuiltinTextRenderer boot option
  • Added DummyPowerManagement kernel quirk to disable CPU PM
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