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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this 01 Mar 19:25
· 1537 commits to master since this release


  • Fixed ocvalidate return code to be non-zero when issues are found
  • Added OEM values to PlatformInfo in Automatic mode
  • Improved CPU frequency calculation on Haswell and earlier
  • Fixed issues when applying certain patches
  • Added SSN (and HW_SSN) variable support
  • Added onscreen early logging in DEBUG builds for legacy firmware
  • Added workaround for firmware not specifying DeviceHandle at bootstrap
  • Added support for R/O page tables in SetupVirtualMap quirk
  • Added OEM preservation for certain Apple SMBIOS tables
  • Fixed switching to graphics mode when entering OpenCanopy
  • Fixed installing Apple FB Info protocol when no GOP exists
  • Fixed abort timeout sound in OpenCanopy on key press
  • Added GopPassThrough option to support GOP protocol over UGA
  • Fixed CPU speed rounding for certain Xeon and Core 2 CPUs
  • Removed KeyMergeThreshold as it never functioned anyway
  • Added acdtinfo utility to lookup certain products
  • Fixed FSBFrequency calculation with fractional multiplier
  • Fixed showing core count for some AMD CPUs
  • Added ResetTrafficClass to reset TCSEL to T0 on legacy HDA
  • Fixed default boot entry selection without timeout for builtin picker
  • Added ocpasswordgen utility to generate OpenCore password data
  • Added ActivateHpetSupport quirk to activate HPET support
  • Fixed opencore-version reporting the incorrect version in rare cases