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Patched UDK Shell adopted for wide firmware range
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Build Status

This repository contains buildscript and patches for TianoCore UDK ShellPkg. These patches are oriented to adding missing modules and fixing quirks of EFI and UEFI firmwares found in the wild. While some of them were upstreamed, most are not production ready and unlikely will ever be, as certain issues are not caused by ShellPkg itself, but rather omissions in firmwares. In other cases feel free to take the effort to refactor and upstream the changes.

Console size

It is not possible to reliably detect the largest console mode, as on some firmwares not all modes work or are visible onscreen. Feel free to specify it yourself (help mode).

Mac support

To boot into Shell on Mac you will have to save Shell.efi under the name of EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI on a FAT32 drive. It appears to be unimportant whether it is GPT or MBR.

Another approach is to bless Shell.efi on an HFS+ or APFS volume:

sudo bless --verbose --file /Volumes/VOLNAME/DIR/Shell.efi --folder /Volumes/VOLNAME/DIR/ --setBoot


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