input fields are disabled still onClose…? #11

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I'm probably not in position to say this is really a bug, but I need to be able to have a callback triggered when a date is selected using mobiscroll. The callback serializes the form and posts it. I think it's a bit weird that all input fields are still disabled when onClose is called…?

I posted a question on SO:

Sorry to open a issue if this is not a bug. I might just have missed something in the API. Please close this and point me in a direction how I can better achieve what I need!



What version are you using?
As of 2.0rc1 this is fixed for onSelect and onCancel events. On onClose the popup is not yet hidden, so if your function returns false, close will be prevented.
For your use case I recommend 2.0rc3 and the onSelect event.
See more details of this issue here:!topic/mobiscroll/fQQ-jYkH-qk

@dioslaska dioslaska closed this May 11, 2012

Ah, it was 1.6 so duplicate of old report. Thank, will try to upgrade!

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