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Welcome to the github!

This fork of NOMP is designed to work with our Ultimate Crypto-Server Installer program.

Trying to install this on a server not built by our installer will cause headaches, frustrations, and screaming loudly at your monitor.

Helping give NOMP new life! With some style.

If you want to help contribute, please look at the original project first!

This is all the things great about NOMP, now with modern style and design of BootStrap 4! Having disliked the previous UI, due to cramping, little to no info displayed while what is displayed is not very helpful to users. I decided to fork a already great project, and add some stylistic touches it severely needs. I would of considered requesting pulls to the main branch, though with such heavy changes to the project, I decided a hard fork would be well suited. But if you would like to contribute, please consider looking at the original project first, as these guys are the ones who helped get this NOMP rebirthing process started.

Node Open Mining Portal consists from 3 main modules:

Stratum Pool can be replaced with node-merged-pool.
Add new algorithms using Node Multihashing.

Current version: v1.1.3


git clone pool
cd pool
npm install
node init.js


  • Node 8.x.x or higher
  • Coin daemon
  • Redis Server

Hashing algorithms


Algorithm Comment
C11 tested shares and payments with Dixicoin
Groestl tested only shares with AuroraCoin, blocks not tested
lyra2rev2 shares work, needs tests with payments. currently being tested with Lunex coin
lyra2z Working in testnet mining and payouts
NeoScrypt working now thanks to @foxer666 pushing update to parent repo
Qubit Shares works, and blocks should now too.
Scrypt tested with AntiLiteCoin, 1CREDIT, ArgusCoin, WAYAWOLFCOIN and many others
SHA256 tested with VCOIN, don't use with BTC, no Segwit tested
X11 tested with BrainCoin, CannabisCoin, AdzCoin and many others
X16r tested with RavenCoin
Yescrypt needs tests, though should work
YescryptR16 needs tests, though should work
YescryptR32 currently being tested with WaviCoin. shares work, payments unconfirmed

Need tests

Algorithm Comment
? Argon2 need tests
? Blake need tests
? Blake2S need tests
? Cryptonight need tests
? Dcrypt need tests
? Decred need tests
? Fresh need tests
? Fugue need tests
? GroestlMyriad need tests
? Quark need tests
? Hefty1 need tests
? Keccak need tests
? Lbry need tests
? lyra2re need tests
? lyra2re2 need tests
? lyra2z330 need tests
? NIST5 need tests
? S3 need tests
? Scrypt-N need tests
? Scrypt-OG need tests
? Sha1 need tests
? SHAvite-3 need tests
? Skein need tests
? X11Ghost need tests
? X13 need tests
? X14 need tests
? X15 need tests
? zr5 need tests
? ziftr need tests

Don't work yet

Algorithm Comment
- Scrypt-Jane submitblock not working tested with CacheCoin, Yacoin



Released under the GNU General Public License v2


BTC: 1FJvtLBszQgY2eKBawov48RwSYy2yqEvn1

ETH: 0x39acE9917e25E2A04643d30319cF34449A72441B

LTC: LR1Mmchr6Zz1vj51xecTiEdS1WHfJTVg5t


NOMP Reborn. With Style. And some updates.







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  • HTML 38.5%
  • Other 1.2%