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Acid Genomics

Software for bioinformatics and functional genomics.


  1. koopa koopa Public

    Shell bootloader for bioinformatics.

    Shell 8 2

  2. dotfiles dotfiles Public

    Configuration files shared between machines.

    Vim Script 1

  3. r-acidgenomes r-acidgenomes Public

    Toolkit for downloading and processing genome annotations.

    R 3

  4. r-cellosaurus r-cellosaurus Public

    Cellosaurus identifier mapping toolkit.

    R 3 1

  5. r-acidplots r-acidplots Public

    Functions for plotting genomic data.

    R 5 1

  6. r-deseqanalysis r-deseqanalysis Public

    Toolkit for performing differential expression with DESeq2.

    R 3 1


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