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Internal functions

Version detection

Useful files to parse on Linux:

  • /etc/os-release
  • /proc/version

How to get OS name from /etc/os-release:

  • -F=: Tell awk to use = as separator.
  • $1=="ID": Filter on ID.
  • { print $2 ;}: Print value.

Strip quotes:

sed 's/"//g'
tr -d \"
tr -cd '[:alnum:]'

macOS version: currently, use of sw_vers is recommended. Alternatively, can parse this file directly instead: /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist

See also:

Redirecting console output

Redirect the console output to a file:

SomeCommand > SomeFile.txt

Or if you want to append data:

SomeCommand >> SomeFile.txt

If you want stderr as well use this:

SomeCommand &> SomeFile.txt

Or this to append:

SomeCommand &>> SomeFile.txt

If you want to have both stderr and output displayed on the console and in a file use this:

SomeCommand 2>&1 | tee SomeFile.txt

If you want the output only, drop the 2 above.

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