URL Handler for Outlook 2016 on OS X
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Enables outlook://msg-id style links anywhere on OS X.

How to use the custom URL handler?

  1. Download the OutlookURLHandler.app file and place it into /Applications
  2. Run the application once for it to register the URL Handler
  3. You're all set for outlook://msg-id style links!

To be able to quickly and easily generate the links and put them in the clipboard, I created a second script, MsgLinkToClpbrd which puts the message link that calls the handler in your clipboard.

  1. Download MsgLinkToClpbrd.scpt
  2. Create the folder structure /Users/your-user/Library/Scripts/Applications/Microsoft/Outlook and place the script there
  3. Use BetterTouchTool, FastScripts or any other tool to assign a hotkey to the script execution from within Outlook.

Now you can use direct links to your emails from anywhere on your Mac, with simple, plain-text links in the outlook://msg-id notation.