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laravel and nuxt.js boilerplate
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laravel + nuxt.js boilerplate

what is included

  • NUXT for our SPA vue.js powered front-end

  • Laravel - for our API

    • metapi - API helpers and utilities
    • debugbar - awesome debugbar for our API


  • clone from github
  • run yarn and composer install to install all of your deps
  • copy .env.example to .env and configure it to your likings
  • running yarn bulma will compile bulma to resources/static/css/bublma.css
    • i do this to speed up reactivity and compilation time
  • running yarn mdi will copy all the fonts and css to resources/static/ allowing you to use MDI with bulma/etc
  • run yarn dev in one terminal for our nuxt dev setup
  • run ./artisan serve in another terminal for our laravel API


I've also included a simple byobu script that starts everything up, just change PROJECT to your project folder name

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