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Chilean Local Kit

A set of tools which makes easy for developers to deal with the chilean specificities.


RUN (a.k.a RUT)

Generator, validator and formatter, for Chilean RUN (Rol Único Nacional), written in Ruby.

Maintained by mespina at

Chilean cities

Build Status Code Climate

A flat table of the chilean cities (as described by the Chilean Subsecretaría de Desarrollo Regional y Administrativo) for Rails.

Maintained by gonzalo-bulnes at


Build Status

A couple of AngularJS components to handle chilean RUT validation and formatting.

Maintained by Platanus at


Implementation of the chilean RUT validation, generation and formatting for Mono / .Net written in C#.

Maintained by juancri at


Local Kit is an open initiative by Acid Labs which promotes collaborative practices for the benefit of ourselves as developers, of our collegues and of our clients. We'd love to work with you, don't hesitate to contribute opening an issue, a pull request, or getting in touch with us at meetups. Coding together is awesome!

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