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Bootstrap CentOS training VMs from scratch. Now with true versioning!

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Bootstrap CentOS VMs for training

Initial Setup (first time):

  • Enable web sharing in System Preferences if it is not already enabled
    • Click "Create Personal Website Folder" if ~/Sites does not already exist
  • Clone this repo to anywhere
  • Download full CentOS DVD ISOs to anywhere
    • You only need the 1 of 2 ISO, but the torrent comes with 2
  • Install OVF Tool from VMware's website

Usage (what a human has to do):

Starting point for each build:

  • Ensure that the "Initial Setup" above is satisfied
  • Run rake init
    • It will create ~/Sites/ks
      • It will copy centos kickstart file into ~/Sites/ks
      • It will download EPEL rpm into ~/Sites/ks
      • It will download PE tarball into ~/Sites/ks
      • It will clone four git repos into ~/Sites/ks
    • It will create ~/Sites/dvd
      • It will prompt for the location of the first DVD image (Protip: drag 'n drop the .iso to the terminal instead of typing the path)
      • It will mount the DVD image at ~/Sites/dvd
    • It will enable php on your local apache for kickstart (prompts for password for sudo)
  • Create a new VM (See "Creating the VM" below)
  • For training VM:
    • At boot: prompt, enter linux ks=http://192.168.XXX.1/~username/ks/centos.php
    • At boot: prompt, enter linux ks=http://192.168.XXX.1/~username/ks/centos.php?hostname=training.puppetlabs.lan or something
  • For learning VM:
    • At boot: prompt, enter linux ks=http://192.168.XXX.1/~username/ks/centos.php?hostname=learn.localdomain
  • Wait 8 minutes (depends on bandwidth)
  • Power off VM when prompted
  • Package VM (see "Packaging the VM" below)
  • Uh, <insert upload directions from Puppetlabs sites here>

Creating the VM (Pre-kickstart):

  • Create a blank VM of type CentOS (not 64bit)
  • Choose to boot with an ISO, and choose ~/Sites/dvd/images/boot.iso
  • Choose to customize VM settings
  • Name VM "centos-5.7-pe-2.0.2-vmware" (or as appropriate)
  • Edit harddrive settings to use a 4GB disk, split into 2GB chunks
  • Edit ram settings to be 1024 MB
  • Edit VM name to be "Puppet Training"
  • Boot

Packaging the VM (Post-kickstart):

  • In VM settings:
    • Disconnect CD-ROM and set to Physical drive
  • Create snapshot called initial (the VM should never have been booted after kickstart at this point)
  • Quit VMWare
  • Rename vm directory: mv centos-5.7-pe-2.0.2-vmware.vmwarevm centos-5.7-pe-2.0.2-vmware
  • Remove any .lck and .log files from the VM directory
  • zip -r centos-5.7-pe-2.0.2-vmware to create zip (should be ~450MB)
  • Make vbox directory: mkdir centos-5.7-pe-2.0.2-vbox
  • cd to vbox directory and invoke the script from PTB repo's scripts directory
    • If you're making the Learning Puppet VM, specify the VWNAME, VBNAME, and NAME environment variables appropriately instead of relying on the defaults.
  • Zip vbox as above for vmware

Automated Kickstart Tasks (What the kickstart install script does, in english):

  • Modify root user password (for debug-login purposes)
  • Install epel rpm, then git
  • Clone /usr/src/puppet /usr/src/facter /usr/src/mcollective /usr/src/puppetlabs-training-bootstrap
  • Kick off a puppet run on /usr/src/puppetlabs-training-bootstrap/manifests/site.pp
  • Shutdown VM

Automated Puppet Tasks (by module):


  • Set up root password, .bashrc
  • Set up network sysconfig and hosts for 'puppet'
  • Set up rc.local job to print IP to TTY after boot
  • Remove cluttery /etc/puppet directory
  • Start sshd


  • Create local repo
  • Add local yumrepo instance enabled


  • Create symlink at /root/puppet-enterprise
  • At some point in the future: (currently in kickstart)


  • Copy in answer file
  • Install PE with an exec resource and an answer file


  • Set up Yumrepo for puppetlabs disabled
  • Disable epel, base, updates, and extras Yumrepos
  • Disable bluetooth and remove bluetooth packages
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