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A Discord bot that moves Slack-exported JSON chat history to Discord channels.


Step 1:

Install Python 3.7:

Step 2:

Install pip.

"python" or "py"

Step 3:

Open a terminal or command prompt and use the appropriate command per your OS to install

Linux/OS X "python3 -m pip install -U"

Windows "py -3 -m pip install -U"

Step 4:

Set up a Discord bot with the permissions of "bot", and "Administrator", or "bot" and give the bot "Read" + "Write" message privileges here:

Step 5:

Generate a secret token for the bot. Copy it to clipboard.

Step 6:

Insert the bot's token into the "" field.

Step 7:

Change the location/name of the json file where "test.json" is on the line with "with open('test.json') as json_file:"

Step 8:

Invite the bot to your Discord server.

Step 9:

Open console and run:

"py" or "python"

The bot will now parse all the messages from your Slack message json file.

Step 10:

Enter the channel you wish to import messages to and type "!mergeslack"

Messages should now start appearing in the Discord channel you typed the command into.

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