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.TH metronome 1 "May 8, 2009" "version 0.1" "USER COMMANDS"
metronome \- a simple metronome that doesn't need any soundcard
.B metronome [OPTION]
This metronome use the motherboard tone as auditive beeps, and the
keyboard leds and the standard output as visual beeps. You can
specify the speed of the metronome in beats per minute.
You could have errors about /dev/console, because the program must
have write access to this file. So, you should probably launch the
program as the root user.
.B --noise, --noise=<freq>, -n, -n<freq>
Use the motherboard tone, you could specify the frequence of the
.B --leds, --leds=<leds>, -l, -l<leds>
Use the leds as visual beep. <leds> is a optional number that
specifies which led metronome have to light, it's as simple `or'
with values
.B LED_*
specified in
.B /usr/src/`uname -r`/include/linux/kd.h \
.B --text, --text=<text>, -t, -t<text>
Output text in the standard output as visual beep. You can specify
the text you want.
.B --bpm=<bpm>, -b<bpm>
The beats per minutes. It must be greater than 0.
Launch the metronome at 105 beats per minute, with the noise at a
frequence of 510Hz and the led output:
.B metronome -b105 -n510 -l
metronome returns 1 in case of error. Otherwise, you have to quit
it by yourself, by sending a SIGINT signal (by hitting ^C)
Written by Quentin Stievenart (