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py-t2n – Talk To NXT with Python

py-t2n is an utility to get informations, send files or receives files from a NXT Lego Brick, through USB or Bluetooth.

The usage is the same as the one of t2n, and the output is mostly the same. The aim of py-t2n is to have a simple tool like t2n, but which is alive and compatible with last NXT firmwares (t2n doesn’t work with firmwares versions > 1.05). This goal is achieved easily thanks to the nxt-python library (some of the code is actually taken from nxt-python’s scripts). py-t2n is GPLv3 licensed.


Installation is easy:

git clone git://
cd py-t2n
python install

py-t2n has been tested successfully on FreeBSD and Linux, and should work on Microsoft Windows and any other OS where nxt-python is running.


usage: [-h] [-b] [-i] [-ls] [-put <file>] [-get <file>] [-version]

Talk to NXT with Python

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  -b           Check battery level
  -i           Print NXT info
  -ls          List files
  -put <file>  Upload file
  -get <file>  Download file
  -version     Print this software's version