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soccer-go is a node command line application to gather soccer stats and results. Heavily inspired by nba-go.

The app is still in its early stages of development, so do expect bugs and errors. All contributions are very welcome!


The only prerequisite is to have Node.js installed, then you can install soccer-go with npm:

$ npm i -g soccer-go


soccer-go can be launched globally by typing soccer-go or sgo in your terminal. It has two modes: CLI or Visual.


Just launch soccer-go, you will be then prompted for info.


There are 3 main commands:

Each of these commands will take the league code as first argument. Common ones are

  • PL - Premier League
  • PD - Primera Division
  • SA - Serie A
  • BL1 - Bundesliga
  • FL1 - Ligue 1

You can find the complete list in the visual mode or you can take a look here.


$ soccer-go matchday <league>

Example: $ soccer-go matchday SA


League standings

$ soccer-go standings <league>

Example: $ soccer-go standings PL


Team fixtures

$ soccer-go team <league> <team> [options]

  • --fixtures, -f: Print all the games played by the team in the current season
  • --players, -p: Show the current squad


$ soccer-go team PL "manchester united" -f

$ soccer-go team SA juventus -fp


... and more.


If you want to customize or contribute to this package, then running it locally from source is really easy.

$ git clone
$ cd soccer-go
$ yarn

Now you can either run it in watch mode

$ yarn start

Or build everything

$ yarn build


  • Extra-time / penalty
  • Head2head
  • Team colors