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Docker image for auto-recompiling and auto-restarting Golang server
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Docker image for auto-recompiling and auto-restarting Golang server

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  • uses Go modules (Go version >=1.11)
  • uses cespare/reflex to watch .go files changes and recompile/restart your server application
  • optionally compiles binary with data race detector

Feature requests


  • your server application is expected to run on port 3000 inside the container, but you can actually use any port

Support on Beerpay

Beerpay Beerpay

How to use

Place docker-compose.yml in your project root and run 'docker-compose up --build'.

docker-compose.yml example

version: "3.7"

    image: acim/go-reflex
      - RUN_ARGS=server
      - .:/app
      - 3000:3000

Optional environment variables

  • RACE_DETECTOR=1 - used to turn on data race detector in the compiled binary
  • RUN_ARGS - used to add commands and flags in the call of your binary
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