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New Zealand Sign Language Dictionary consists of 2 major units

  • Ruby on Rails Website (this repo)
  • Freelex, and open source project for maintaining the signs lexicon data.

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Set Up

git clone
cp env-example .env
bundle exec rails s


NZSL has taken ownership of the project at their ODNZSL repo, with the Rabid Repo being forked from this.

Rabideers should branch from the Rabid Staging branch when resolving issues or adding features. Their pull requests should be to the ODNZSL Staging branch, rather than the Rabid Staging branch. The Rabid admin for ODNZSL is currently Elspeth Dick; upon approval and merging, Rabid should merge the ODNZSL staging branch to the Rabid staging branch so that our repo is up-to-date.

To deploy to production: merge ONZSL staging to ODNZSL master.


Current servers (2017-12-15)

Environment URL Git Branch Status
ODNZSL Staging staging staging
ODNZSL Production master live